• What are some nice and practical flat shoes?

    Whether it is high heels or flat shoes, shoes are, in general, one of the most important things in a woman's life. Here to tell you about what looks good and practical flat shoes. The first is the most common Lok Fu shoes. Its sign is that there are two circles and a horizontal band on the foot. The material is new nike shoes usually leather or leather. The color is usually black, brown red and so on. Usually with jeans suit pants, smoking pants and so on. Then take the oxford shoes that the girl of the college style loves to wear. Its characteristics are materials and colors. The material is usually leather, and the common colors are black, brown, brown red and so on. It can usually be used with pleated skirts, short skirts cheap nike basketball shoes or smoking pants. Followed by smoking shoes, this shoe looks and Love shoes look very similar, but they have their own different characteristics. There are no circles or bands on the surface of smoking shoes, but they nike air max are decorated with various patterns. The color is usually black or dark, and there are a wide variety of pants and skirts to match.

    There are cute and retro Mary Jane shoes. This style of shoes is very distinctive, that is, there is a thin strap at the ankle, the toe is round. Because of its retro style, colors are also limited to black, brown, and brown red. This kind of shoes is ideal for dresses, long skirts, short skirts, etc. Followed by flat shoes with pointed toe, most of the material of this shoe is leather, so it is sometimes very boring when worn. However, its advantage is that it reveals a sufficiently large foot, which makes the person with a narrow foot look very small and slim. Shoes can be paired with any pair of pants and skirts, and overall it is more versatile. The last is the ballet flats. The style of this shoe is very simple. The toes only wrap around the toes and there is no decoration on the surface of the shoe. But the advantage is that the variety of colors, especially red, is very capable of embodying the cuteness and liveliness of the little girls.

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  • Let your pointed shoelaces lead you to fashion

    In the new and old alternating fast, trend unpredictable fashion circle, one of the enduring classic elements is the tip of women's sexy shoes, every year, pointed shoes will show a new trend highlights, pointed Headwear can be said to be a must-have for fashionable women. The pointed design is full of care, not only to modify the foot, stretch the leg lines, but also makes the whole person look more slender and slim. To be able to call it a classic, it must have its own irreplaceable uniqueness. As we all know, the synonym for pointed shoes is always associated with sexy maturity. Rough and cool wild flat sandals. Tips, patent leather, crocodile pattern, carefully creating a high-end high-end luxury light, simple and stylish cheap nike basketball shoes design, atmosphere and wild, showing extraordinary taste at the same time, emitting a unique noble temperament, easily create extraordinary confidence The goddess of grace.

    Tip retro flat sandals. Like the sexy pointed shoes, but can not stand the torture of high heels? So this pointed flat-headed fashion sandals are your best choice, comfortable and soft leather fabric, simple and stylish fashion lines, the right selection of flat shoes, also allows you to walk more confident. Pointed leather baotou sandals. Between the high-heeled and flat-bottomed heeled shoes, the nike air max sale height is moderate, the comfort is full, the overall shape is exquisite and meticulous, but without losing the gentleness and grace, revealing the comfortable and fashionable balance just right, the gentle and elegant nude color system, reveals A deep, feminine atmosphere. Nude-colored jokers with baotou sandals. The stiletto heel design is very good at decorating the feet of beautiful girls, and with the right strap design, it is cool and breathable, and the elegant atmosphere of the splicing lines creates a unique and elegant atmosphere. A feminine fashion sandal, styled with pointed toe, sculpt your legs while squeezing your legs, carefully selected leather material, revealing taste and texture, irregular stitching design, personality Full of dignity and elegance. The classic lines of black and white stripes, exudes exquisite feminine charm, simple button shape, outlines the charming foot lines, bright diamond decoration on the heel and the leather texture of the leather fabric together, everywhere dissemination The unique strength and charm of a successful female in the city. What should be the characteristics of a pair of heels that nike outlet cannot be removed from sight? The stiletto-edged shoe design exudes cheap nike basketball shoes an elegant and mature feminine charm. The pink satin texture fabric highlights the unique feminine femininity. The unique strap design makes your legs more slender. The retro simple overall style looks stylish and versatile, friendly low-heel design, easy and convenient on the feet, light and breathable fabric material, comfortable and breathable, small fresh weaving material, so you look lively and stylish By age.

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