• What are the differences between boys' pants, socks and shoes?

    For boys, the matching of clothing also has a lot of stress, and today cheap nikes it is mainly used to popularize the precautions about wearing some pants, socks and shoes for boys. First, boys do not wear socks when they are wearing formal wear. Generally speaking, the length of the socks should ensure that boys do not expose nike shoes men their calves when they are in their legs.

    Boys generally choose some leather shoes for suits and dresses. Many times, they ignore the details of the socks. According to the etiquette popular in the world today, boys must wear neat suits when participating in important occasions. At the same time, the length of socks should be long enough. Second, boys must pay attention to the color matching of shoes, socks and pants.

    Many boys nike factory store are more careless, and the matching of pants and shoes may also consider whether it is appropriate, but the socks hidden in the shoes will be completely ignored. In fact, many times, people's socks are exposed. If the color of the socks is very different from the trousers and shoes, it is likely to make jokes. If some guys are too lazy to think about this, they can choose black and white and other colors of socks to wear, these colors can be wild.

    Third, boys should also pay attention to wanting to wear nike free 5.0 enough text and decent, in the selection of socks, no matter what kind of shoes and pants with, do not wear stockings.

    There are men's stockings on the market, but this does not mean that men can choose for comfort, this stocking will make boys look very greasy, giving a bad impression. Boys' material selection for socks is preferably cotton, dry and comfortable.

    2018-04-18 19:11:12
  • It's time for the summer season. It's time to show off your legs and put on this exposed toe wedge sandals.

    Delicate comfort, good flexibility, comfortable wear experience. Bohemian style open-toe shoes, PU selection of the upper surface, delicate and comfortable, with nike factory store good flexibility, wearing a comfortable foot. Super-heeled heel, comfortable to wear, walk more and more will not feel foot pain, with classic trousers, highlight Goddess Fan. Fashion wild waterproof platform slope sandals, nike sale the quality of the shoes is very good, fit the feet, put on very comfortable. The word belt is a particularly popular style this year, simple style, on the upper foot even more personality, but also a small foot, is a particularly wild fashion sandals. With open-toed sandals, the wedge design gives you a comfortable feel. It allows you to wear your feet comfortably during the summer. Let pro be the most elegant fashionista in the summer. You don't care about what you wear.

    Slope with the sandals will not feel tired to walk, plus the top of the design suitable for more feet, fit the feet, will not fall with, with short skirts, trousers can be. A wave of sandal sandals with no personality and no cheap nike sneakers summer, atmospheric slope design shows Europe and the United States a big fan, super-sucker on the feet. The appearance is compelling, the unique design is just right, the stovepipe is perfect, and the legs are made to create a more beautiful leg shape. Soft texture, good breathability, comfortable wear and no filthy feet, giving intimate care of the feet, non-slip shading, walking more at ease. In summer, the new style wedge sandals are printed on this printed cloth wedge sandal. The print nike outlet design is particularly feminine and elegant. Fashionable and convenient closure of metal buckles, influx of people are wearing sandals, jeans, tight pants, a shoe to get a skirt, breathable.

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