• How do shoes do not follow the foot?

    The first category: shoes do not fit into the shoe

    This type of reason is purely because the size of the shoes is not suitable, resulting in the shoes not being in the foot. The only solution cheap nike sneakers is not to force them to buy a pair of unsuitable shoes to go home because of price or other factors. This is not only a waste of money, even if it is worn. They will be very uncomfortable or even embarrassed because they will always go out. This is something that no one nike factory outlet wants to meet, so even if it is a cheaper price, dont reluctantly buy shoes that are not suitable for your own size. If you are too big or too small, don't forget that the shoes will be worn for a long time, which will make the shoes bigger and unwearable.

    The second category: foot problems cause the shoes not to follow the foot

    Sometimes I often listen to my colleagues complain that my feet don't have a heel. I don't wear many kinds of shoes. What does it mean without a heel? That is, the rear of the heel is not very prominent and relatively flat, which results in the inability of them to wear high heels, flat shoes or other shoes without a shoe heel. Do not know if you have not noticed, and sometimes everyone's side, you may find some girls walking in high heels when the shoes did not follow the action of the footsteps, often the shoes are not moving, the heel is made to move forward outside the shoes I dont know how you feel when you see this scene. I personally feel that it is awkward and unsightly, and its easy to get out of danger.

    Therefore, I particularly recommend this type of footed sisters lebron 13 to choose shoes with shoe lasts. Whether on the back or on the ankles, the shoe lasts to help stabilize the restless shoes and make them more comfortable and safe. Although some of the shoes look sexy and beautiful, they can't be controlled by them and they greatly reduce your own beauty. Sometimes I notice that some people are accustomed to putting the heel straps on the sandals under the heel and using the shoes as high-heeled shoes. Cold wear, although it may be comfortable but it does not look so beautiful, so choose the right shoes for them is very important, although the shoes are tiny details, but it can also reflect a person's taste and quality.

    What shoes do not have with your feet?

    1, clever use of ribbon to solve the problem of shoes not with the foot

    If it is not with the foot of the low-heeled shoes, we can take two shoes and the color of the shoes or similar to the foot of the ribbon from the soles of the shoes across the instep tied a bow, on the one hand can help us to fix the shoes is not easy to take off The feet, in addition, can also appear as a decoration for the feet. It is important to note that the ribbons are taped with transparent tape or double-sided tape on the soles of the shoes to act as a fixed ribbon. Oh!

    2. Ask the shoemaker to help solve the problem

    You can send the shoes to the shoe repair shop, ask the shoemaker to put a small shoe last on the heel edge of the shoe, and tie it to the ankle through a shoelace or ribbon matching the color of the shoes from the shoe last, which can also help to fix the shoes. The discount nike shoes role. It should be noted that the position of the shoe last must be chosen, not to abruptly take care of the comfort of the foot, so be sure to measure the position and ask the shoemaker for help.

    3, cushion heel pad solution shoes do not follow the foot

    Some high-end brands will launch some heel pads for the heel. The main purpose is to fill the excess space between the heel and the shoes, and increase the friction between the feet and the shoes to achieve the effect of the heel.

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  • What are cheap nikes the big girls wearing shoes?

    The first, dark-coloured spiked heels. In fact, most of the modern high-heeled shoes are designed to have a pointed toe. One of the main reasons for this design is to make girls' feet look smaller.

    For some girls with relatively large feet, this kind of high-heeled shoes with a pointed toe is definitely a very good choice. It can make girls' feet look smaller and make girls' feet more perfect. It is also recommended that girls choose dark colors like black when choosing high heels.

    Second, Lok Fu shoes. Lofo footwear is a new type of women's shoes that has been very popular with women in recent years. This kind of shoes is a bit nike air max sale all black nike shoes similar to men's shoes, but it is a bit more casual.

    For girls with large feet, wearing such shoes will not feel squeezed, and the flat top design will make girls with large feet lebron 14 more comfortable to wear. In addition, most of the Lok Fu shoes design is very unique, whether it is the tip of the shoe or the shoe, and even the shoe, some small designs can make the feet of the girl's feet look even smaller.

    In addition, in the summer, girls can actually choose to wear some sandals, which is the best kind of sandals. When people are tying straps for sandals, they can choose to cross straps. This can also make girls' feet look smaller to a certain extent.

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