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Beautiful and wild sandals, I only served this few!

Hot days, cheap nike sneakers but also nike factory nike free run store to the season can wear sandals. There are no two pairs of sandals in the cupboard body, do not have a sense of security out. Speaking of beautiful and wild sandals, I only served this few! Minimalist design, a large area of he foot back to the skin, so that a woman's sexy subtle projection, do not play without effort, with any summer dress is a very perfect finishing touch! A simple dress with a word black and white nikes with high-heeled sandals, a large area of he exposed feet, sexy charming slim cross-strap design, so that your ankle looks very slender, details of the line changes reveal inadvertently exquisite. With a single color fashion modeling can enhance the overall style! Straps sandals, add a sense of detail for the whole body, get rid of monotonous and rigid simple T-shaped modeling open-toed sandals, the most suitable for summer with dresses, understatement elegant style, so you effortlessly show leg lines, The details of the deal, can be cleverly stretched feet to the legs of the line. Bright yellow dress with hit color T with open-toed sandals, for the overall shape to add vitality and Smart

Fine strap + beautiful color = cool strength, elegant plus. In the mix, can become the overall shape of the core style, with the color of the Bohemian short skirt, or short jacket, are set off the best choice for Roman shoes. Suede tassel skirt with the same color Roman toe sandals, echoes the soft look is very elegant