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Black wide leg pants with what shoes more fashionable

This summer, wide leg pants, but very fire Yeah, bought a wide section of the pants do not know how to wear can not! Wide leg pants with you all know? Summer wide leg pants with what shoes look good? Black wide leg pants with what shoes look good? In addition nike clearance to sandals, wide leg pants can be used with a lot of shoes it Even this kind of casual sports wind side of the striped wide leg pants, mix and match a pair of high heels, temperament can be immediately different. nike shox clearance Summer with a word with high-heeled sandals instead of pointed high heels will be more refreshing, and the word with sandals can reveal more feet, in the visual effect will be even better. If your T-shirt and wide leg pants color are partial, you can match a pair of beautiful colors of high-heeled shoes, to play the role of finishing touch to make your shape perfect upgrade. Like casual style is directly with the athletic shoes can be, both comfortable and fashionable tide full. Flat sandals take wide leg pants + T shirt, the most refreshing and comfortable. Season hot lazy slippers and T-shirt + wide leg pants is a perfect match, simple and easy to wear out with a kind of effortless fashion Fan.

You can choose a lot of slippers, like a bath with a drag, Mu Le slippers to match, can wear a unique lazy tone to. The same color with the test has been time-tested nirvana, the color of the unity of both high and very able to highlight the texture, apply to any kobe shoes match, of course, T-shirt + wide leg pants is no exception. Like a white T-shirt to match the same color of the high waist nike shoes for sale wide leg pants, simple seductive and very high and outstanding, even if only with a flat slippers can give people long legs of both vision. Striped printing sets with the effect is also very eye.