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Dating sexy high heels, slender long straight legs full gas field

Sharp pointed with feminine, elegant cross straps, decorated with a bit sexy feet. Coupled with the black color, it is beautiful low-key and deep. The pointed and cross straps give a sense of elegance and femininity, whether it's a party or a banquet, and it gives you a full-fledged temperament. Do not be afraid to tie shoes hard to match, there are charming girls place ankle. Everyday you can with a small self-cultivation shorts, take the white silk jacket, a little butterfly sleeves and other elements, clothes, then a little longer can be taken into the waistband. Of course, it is also possible to change the shorts into a skirt, black, and more to highlight the leg of the shoes, at the same all nikes on sale black nike shoes nike store time, the overall and quite temperament. Pointed shallow mouth design, elegant stiletto design, while enhancing the stature while to publicize your personality, with 8cm high heel, the calf lines appear more perfect. Big bow strap design, as you walk through the wandering, virtually swaying out of your million kinds of customs.

Pointed shallow mouth design set foot slender slender, revealing a little tough and able feeling. Retro chic thick with not only high stature, and walking cheap nike shoes light and stable, not at all tired. Strap wound ankle to enhance the style, wear is also more solid and comfortable. Sexy little pointed design, the visual modification of foot, suede first layer of soft and delicate leather, novel and unique cross straps design, outline the charming lines of the legs.