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Diligence and conservation, can wear new shoes every day

Many of my classmates know that shoes are very important to wear. No matter how to wear the upper body, if the shoes do not look good, the overall shape will be inferior to many. To this end, many students would rather buy more new shoes, and try to avoid wearing old shoes affect the image. In fact, as long as diligent conservation, the shoes are not easy to become old, you can wear new shoes every day. Upper is the skin of the shoes, whether smooth or matte leather, leather shoes if the material does not do long-term maintenance, it is lebron 13 easy to cause moldy cortex, scratches, cracking, lebron 13 wrinkles, fade. Shoes skin care products have shoe polish, wax a variety of wax, kobe 11 oil wax can nourish, soften the leather, restore leather shine, while a waterproof mildew effect. Color shoes wax can make up shoes color, old shoes seconds change new shoes! In the maintenance of the upper do not forget to do a good job before the upper clean, deep cleansing the residual dirt and stains upper will make after the vamp care carried out more smoothly and better maintenance. Many people think snow boots hard to clean, so when buying will try to choose dark color snow boots. In fact, foam spray cleaner is very suitable nike air max sale for cleaning snow boots, no washing, very convenient.

You want the smooth leather, nubuck leather uppers are available shoe polish, shoe polish, upper cleaners are all over here. Shoe polish wax can be dust and water, but also to prevent the shoes dry. Select the correct color, easy to reproduce the shiny leather. Leather care cream using pure wool oil, a new generation of fatliquoring formula, and add polymer leather protein refining, containing leather-specific dyes, strong coloring. Nourish, soften the leather, bright, complementary color one step. A very suitable for turning fur shoes, snow boots cleaning agents, the use of foam cleaning, no hand wash, leaving no watermark, it is convenient. Is a neutral lotion, mild not to hurt hands, both to do deep cleaning, but also not to hurt the shoe. Germany imported clean formula, delicate cotton soft foam penetration, do not wash, do not hurt the material does not hurt the hand. Can quickly and effectively remove salinization, water stains and dirt, smooth skin, fur, matte skin can be used. Suede conditioner contains velvet decontamination detergent and velvet skin renovation care agent, professional solution to the suede stains, moldy, discoloration and other troubles. Turn the fur clean, suede complement color, nourish the matte skin, this set is enough.