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Do you like to wear small shoes, to save their own several shoes

Do you like to wear small white shoes? Sometimes I will ask myself, get the answer, may have gone beyond the like. Remember a child wearing canvas shoes, then particularly like, a pair of new white shoes will be happy for a whole day, a whole week or a whole month, but with the age gradually become larger, began to have the opportunity to wear different Shoes, such as wedges or discount nike shoes high heels. But in their own hearts, small white shoes are always occupied can not replace the status. Small white shoes have been in the fashion circle firmly occupy their own place. I have the requirements of the shoes than the requirements of the clothing is also higher, probably because there is a deep injury to the shoes. Every time to buy shoes when I will be on the size of the requirements, not fit the shoes and then do not want to, even if the style is really very mind. Small white shoes style naturally do not have to say, so many years are almost the style, but from these classic models to nike factory outlet choose their own but very upset. For me, the favorite is probably the Velcro style, mainly because it is easy to wear, and very fashionable.

Should be from the beginning of childhood, this black and white hit the color of the shoes there is no resistance. Sometimes also think about why such a simple style happens that they are like not. Sometimes see someone else to wear this time will suddenly heart and then rush to the store to buy a pair of their own, just want to wear their own look good, even if their shoes have been enough to wear. For shoes always like the soft bottom, stepping on very comfortable shoes. Remember to air max buy a pair of shoes before, especially special look good, but the end has been very hard, there are times to go out shopping, and then come back when the feeling of the feet off the nike running shoes fast. So later to buy shoes have been particularly picky on the soles. Inadvertently see this shoe, instantly like, like the reason is probably because of gray, gray as the most wild color is my favorite color. I was probably the old gray to the fans to the fans, probably like this old, a little retro feeling.