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Do you think the higher the high heels the more beautiful? The bigger the size, the deeper the pain!

I heard that most girls can not stand 12cm, will feel pain, the individual 8cm feel pain. But today there is actually a sister paper that even 5cm are unable to stand, the pain can not get away the road. Everybody talked about how much size do you like? Heel in 10cm or less, legs showing a natural symmetry curve, and with the size of the increase, the calf muscles were more stretched more tight, outward expansion prominent, so that the legs look full of tight feeling All feel tired. According to orthopedic specialist research, wearing too high heels, will lead to pelvic forward, affecting the back of the beautiful curve. This is why many girls walking in high heels when walking will be bent, walking posture has become very natural. If you pass through the high heels, not only can not let you change the United States, but also become languid, really lost his wife and soldiers ah! So, unless you want to "dance ballet" in your daily life, or suggest you, do not always stare at the size of exaggerated "hate days high" because it is neither beautiful nor healthy. Heel is too high, bring a lot of health risks. Wear high-heel when cheap nike air max the body center of gravity forward, it is difficult to maintain a balance, accidentally Wei to the foot, wrestling may be just a small thing, and long-term high heels through the back pain caused by leg pain, Of the health "killer". Why is back pain? Because high heels will make your palm lose balance, should not bear the pressure to the back, leading to the spine, lumbar muscle damage. These injuries, if accumulated, may evolve into difficult arthritis. From nike shox clearance the Chinese medicine point of view, this will lead to "qi stagnation", meridians barrier, causing harm to the body.

Medical experts believe that within 5cm within the heel can be regarded as "health with", after wearing not nike trainers only reflect the beautiful curve of the human body, showing a full chest full of mental state, but also to ensure comfort, will not give the body Heavy burden, nike air max women both beautiful and healthy. In the choice of the heel, in addition to height, but also pay attention to the heel can not be too small, too fine heel will also increase the body's fatigue. After selecting the size, how to wear high heels in order to minimize the damage to the body it? With hot hot feet, you can also use the bath salt rub, massage the calf and feet. Foot bath can promote blood circulation, through the meridians, perspiration detoxification, for varicose veins, lower limb water metabolism also improved the effect. In addition, with some foot scrub, foot massage oil, etc., for the calf back to the smooth and delicate also have a good effect Oh! Most of the heels of high heels are narrow, so be sure to regularly trim the nails, to avoid the nail due to squeeze and grow into the meat, causing ecosis. After returning home may wish to take off high heels, barefoot in the clean ground to walk for a while, can quickly ease the tension of the calf, so that blood circulation up. High heels shoes tend to cause greater friction on the foot skin, long past the foot skin will become fragile, skin thinning, drying and other issues. We usually smear skin care products, may wish to hand to the feet also wipe some, can effectively nourish the foot skin. Experts also told us that comfortable high heels, can not wear too long. If the time to go out is relatively long, it is best to bring a pair of easy to replace the flat shoes, or the human body bone long-term to maintain a tight posture easily lead to damage, this damage no matter how home hot water and massage are difficult to reduce, so control wear time necessary.