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Do you wear socks in white shoes?

Of course, in fact, wearing socks is the right approach for fashionistas. Because the socks can be very good protection of the rubber sole, but also to ensure the temperature of the soles of the feet, there are many points on the soles of the feet, so that comfortable footsteps can feel comfortable. Some people may feel that kobe shoes wearing socks when the temperature is low is to keep warm, but summer is approaching and it is very hot to wear socks. No matter what fabric white shoes are, even if it is re-breathable, if you don鈥檛 wear socks for a long time, it will still appear. A sense of dampness, no sweat soaked in the socks also does not come out, it is very harmful to the health of the foot! Of course, everyone understands, but there is still a lot of controversy, but from a health point of view it is recommended to wear socks, after all, whether it is at work, go to school or shopping, all need to walk, if you do not wear socks, without it Protect our feet. However, I will be nike clearance injured.

In fact, if you do not want socks exposed, you can choose a pair of low help socks, so it is the same as not wearing ~ summer can choose a slightly thin some breathable style, be sure to breathe, so that will not boring feet. Match it is probably the following: In fact, the white shoes exposed a little cheap nike shoes is very nice, many people feel that the ship socks are easy to slide, wear instability is difficult to accept, then choose an ordinary socks can be friends, slightly exposed a little while Will be better than no, in addition to breathable and remember to choose a nike free run sweat, so that we can guarantee healthy footsteps