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Exposed ankle Did your shoes wear it right?

Exposed ankle in recent years seems to have become a trend, wearing pants will be exposed to the ankle, but we all know that exposed ankles on the body is harmful, indicating that the girls are using life to catch up with the trend ah! Give yourself a bit of praise! Since this is the trend that we can only follow, then cheap nikes the exposed ankle is fashion so you know how to match the shoes to be more beautiful? Sometimes a little bit in the mix with a small change will have an nike air max sale unexpected harvest Oh ~ sports shoes is very wild, generally exposed ankle are wearing a small black trousers or jeans, with sports shoes is the best, not to mention, sports shoes can With other clothing, fashion and practical Oh ~ instant hit a pair of girls heart shoes ah! General sports shoes more common youth vitality, like this is still relatively rare girl, in fact, style and traditional sports shoes is the same but the shoelace made the design of silk shoelaces, tied into a bow girl full of heart!

Pointed shoes is undoubtedly one of the best shoes show women, feet after the feet are particularly delicate, pointed shoes can also be stretched in the visual leg lines, showing the long legs by a pair of pointed shoes on the right The With your ankle pants is also very appropriate. Solid color classic section of the pointed shoes, generally pointed shoes also do fine with the style will be some difficult to walk and tired feet, this intimate to do with the rough design, both fashion will not give the burden to the feet, classic Generous style of the feet of the special wild! Letters and pointed shoes combination, with a thick European and American big wind, especially after the foot of a fan, a small cat with the design to increase the feminine and retro atmosphere, sexy and elegant cat with the combination of absolute Is the cut male artifact! Square shoes this year, fire no, as the trend of women you do not buy a pair of worthy of yourself? Square shoes partial retro style a little, because it is the style of the square head so the feet are comfortable to take a day are not tired with nine points pants show independent temperament. Classic models put on the most beautiful, flat design is very intimate, after wearing fashion is also comfortable, calm and gentle colors are very attractive on each of the feet, with simple jeans or dress are particularly nice Oh ~

Some ballet shoes style, coupled with the style of the square head more fit ballet shoes, elegant and stylish feet, flat design is very comfortable, four colors are very gentle, each one is particularly suitable for girls it ~ to say Ankle pants in the most popular must be jeans, jeans in the usual nine points is numerous, so nine points jeans is the biggest weapon to expose the ankle, with the above shoes is no pressure! Classic generous jeans, washed cowboy fabric is very comfortable to do the old color to give a retro impression of the old times, upper body is very retro nike clearance art, trousers at a little bit to do a little sanding design does not look too monotonous Oh ~ cheap nike running shoes light hole jeans, full of youthful atmosphere, the classic loose version of the type is very thin, in the trousers at the mouth to do the design to show the style of small feet pants, plus holes in the element age effect is very good Oh, with the movement Shoes fashion and dynamic