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From the most beautiful autumn and winter wear, you still have a pair of pointed boots

Cold winter struck, in addition to put on the fall and winter clothes, but also do not forget the shoes oh, warm must first start from the foot! You want both style and temperature, this year nike shoes you must ultimately pair of pointed boots. The advantage of pointed boots is that both warm and elegant, sharp head can stretch the leg lines, even more significant high and thin. If you only buy a pair of pointed boots, not very match, then black is your best choice, not wrong. Brown is the color with the most suitable autumn late autumn, the cold in the cold, brown single product can bring a warm feeling, but retro yet stylish. Red boots very popular autumn and winter of this year, warm and dazzling red for the lean pointy boots to bring a sense of impetuous fashion, easy for you to win everyone's attention. nike factory outlet If bold enough, sharp-edged boots or metal with excellent color with a single product, its own sharp texture and the avant-garde sense of metal complement each other, easily become the highlight of the whole body.

Winter essential black boots, small pointed, thick with full of femininity does not seem offensive aggressive, and comfortable and easy to go. Bottoms of winter are generally dark, pointed black boots and pants can produce one effect, greatly lengthen the legs of the lines. In particular, love to wear black pants and girls underwear, be sure to prepare a pair. Feminine boots, stiletto with pointed, V-shaped opening design, fashion, but also lengthen the proportion of legs. Color is a very warm texture of brown, tired of seeing black boots, then, brown is actually a very good choice, both with the black and white ash wild effect, but also appear more stylish dull. Red Boots is a popular autumn and winter single product, but many people think the red is too bright, not good to manage, it may wish to choose a burgundy boots. Suede and burgundy is a perfect match, full of high marks. Boots a little stretch of feeling, effectively highlight the ankle, more nike clearance store was thin. It is worth mentioning that the boots are rectangular with, ranging from thick to thin with the heel between both the comfort and elegance. Speaking of this year's most popular wild a single product, how will be less thin and full of wide leg pants, take out with pointed boots, not only can visually lengthen the leg length, but also in the wide leg pants Casual temperament increase somewhat competent! Pointed boots and wide pants with the same color will be more leggy Oh.

Wide leg pants generally gives the feeling of more capable temperament, but when it combines with jeans, a little more leisurely fashion sense. Washed elements to break the dull black, adding a little retro handsome, coupled with a hit color belt even more impressive. Eighth length with short boots just good, not fat and tide enough. Black leggings are never obsolete must-have item, coupled with a pair of pointy boots, sexy without losing the handsome, aggressive, walking in the street is almost unobtrusive! Black leggings is kobe shoes absolutely essential for everyone in a single wardrobe, wild not wrong, especially for thin girls. High waist design repair out of the waist, black contraction effect max, come a pair of black pointed boots, wear long legs, "taller" eight centimeters are minutes of things.