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Gods must have cool slippers, do you have?

Leather cool slippers in addition to the convenience of cool, but also have their own fashion attitude! In addition to the seaside resort is essential, slippers have become a daily ride to take nikes on sale a single product, no matter what style you want to use, these pairs of characters drag on to meet your needs, comfortable and stylish, give you a perfect summer! The first section of the foot of the soft foot of the slippers, the upper selection of the first layer of leather, pores, texture clear, with good flexibility, strength and process plasticity and other characteristics, we chose the first layer air max of leather to do the upper, because the cortex Sense and effect of other layers can not reach the effect can not be compared. The foot of the word cooler slippers, upper overall high-quality car suture, the production process superb needle every line are meticulous uniform, close to the leather upper, uniform and neat alignment, no jumper, slash situation. Soles and pads of the suture by the artificial sewing, beautiful fashion, first-class quality, we carefully do all black nike shoes every pair of shoes. Slim design, waterproof wear-resistant, load-bearing good, can ease the foot pressure, the more scientific concept into them, improve walking comfort, every step are Distributed noble and elegant. With high elasticity, high wear resistance, can withstand multiple cheap nike basketball shoes bending. Stretch. Compression without damage.