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Height determines the heel length of high heels! How do you choose?

As a girl, for high heels will have a certain preference, and this is like to have childhood, so for high heels, girls are always a very like the way. Indeed, after wearing high heels, the whole person will be a certain change, height increased a lot, the overall proportion will change a lot, and people will become tall and straight, and more temperament. nike shox clearance Many of my sister in order to make themselves look can look taller, for high heels heel length never take into account, in short, to make their own high, and the higher the better, which is why we can often see someone in the street Stepping on the "hate days high" reasons. but do you know? High heels the heel is also a certain percentage of the limit, and your height has a relationship. It seems to want to wear high heels more beautiful, and not so easy. Many babies may now be a little hair, that high heels should be how to choose it? In addition to pay attention to style and foot together, we should also pay attention to the length of the heel. Here, Xiaobian give you a simple formula, according to this we can calculate their own high heels heel long and short Oh.

Formula: (leg length + height) 梅 (height nike air max + height) 鈮?.618

Presumably see this formula, we should understand why the height of our high heels heel has a limit, right? Not to say that must be the case, but if you want your body to look like the proportion of more coordination, this formula for you to help still quite big Oh. We all know that 0.618 is a standard gold ratio, and if we choose the length of the heel to add in this formula inside, just out of the figure is about equal to the value of 0.618, then it will put on this pair High heels in the case, your overall proportion will be more beautiful Oh! But nike running shoes the baby may also encounter a problem, that is, you calculate the height of the heel may not be realistic, it shows that if you want to use high heels to create a golden proportion of the body is unlikely to Oh. Of course, this does not mean that high heels is not for you, you can not wear. Choose your favorite style, arbitrary! High-heeled slippers with suede material, rubber thickening of the foundation, put on is not tired feet, pointed design fashion and personality, smooth and delicate lines, highlighting the extraordinary sense of quality, so that shoes full of vitality, sandals The design easy to wear off, a good modification of the girls feet. PU nude color upper, simple month design looks a little tasteless, high-heeled design very good lengthened the legs of the curve, to achieve a thin vision, the color is not abrupt, wild shape More beautiful, rubber base material strong and durable. Floral fabric of the upper is very creative, color is also just right, there is a messy and neat beauty, pointed design of the elongated leg of cheap nike air max the curve, square decoration fashion generous, exquisite workmanship novel, with Giving a very simple sense of simplicity.