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High-heeled outdated, this year's popular retro square flat shoes

Recently seems to be particularly popular with a sense of retro square shoes, wearing feet will appear particularly thin feet, with a variety of clothes is also a very feminine. With a bow of the suede square black and white nikes shoes, looks particularly small woman, the foot is also very thin, warm pink filled with a gentle feeling, usually with a special pair of jeans. Suede square feet of shoes, with fashion aristocratic wind, the upper part of the metal ring elements go Europe and the United States street wind, usually with wide leg pants or mini skirt are beautiful do not want. With nike trainers a large butterfly square footwear is very European and American aristocratic atmosphere, suede upper full texture, wear it is very prominent feminine, toe bow is not rigid atmosphere. Patent leather wedge shoes, more suitable for light cooked woman, exaggerated square design, extravagance and a little sexy feeling, go out with what travel it will be super convenient.

Although the shoes look lebron 14 a bit exaggerated, but the foot you know how to highlight the temperament, it is recommended to wear it with a wide leg pants what is convenient and stylish. Full of leather texture of the upper, retro with a little mysterious sense of the upper design of the pearl metal, highlighting the elegant woman temperament, highlighting their sexy side. Department of literature and art of the word buckle square shoes, feeling with a trace of literary goddess breath, simple and generous curve design, highlights the little side of their own, lebron 14 the proposal can be used with a long dress Oh.