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High heels you hundreds of times, you have to be high heels, such as first love

Foot high heels, chic walk back "should be every beauty in the heart yy numerous times the plot? As long as the pedal on such a pair of magical little shoes, 155 can be changed 165," short legs sister "can change" Leg play year "... However, the imagination and reality always separated by a block of the wall. Rush to wear high heels, but also at any time may make you look like a refusal to buy old aunt. Do not learn to stand, really can not first In fact, many beautiful people wearing high heels, there is a big problem standing on the first said that the lower body, "soft Meng" within the eight strokes is a lot of beauty favorite.However, long-term change is easy to lead the ring, , Lower body edema and other issues.Therefore, must be close to the legs, keep the toes, ankles, knees 3 points into a line.

Say the upper body, hump and top hips are very beautiful and unhealthy standing, the spine in the role of this posture is very easy to go wrong. What the waist plate prominent, muscle strength are running to find you ... indeed the standing should be chest up, waist also to force, the whole body was a straight line. Probably feel the head of the cantilever that feel, there is an upward force in the whole body to pull up, so stand more than gas field, more spine ah Of course, the most simple standing training is the station wall, wear On the high heels close to the wall standing, about 15-20 minutes a day practice, basically wear high heels need the muscles and the overall feeling there. Oh, so you can lose weight ... learn to stand, let's talk about how to get out of gas field, out of range children. Feet needless to say, inside and outside the eight do not work, learn the posture, this low-level error should be avoided. Here are the most important part of the walk, legs! Many little sister wearing high heels is always particularly timid, the reason is that walking is not open legs, small broken step tight Daoteng, so look more temperament than wearing flat shoes.

The correct way to walk should be, with the power of the thigh, leaning on the thigh light to drive the calf forward step, so walking enough to stretch generous enough. Want to have the kind of imagination we sway and light feeling, you also need to learn to go "cat step". Do not have to go straight, but the staggered swing legs will make you look more charming.

Of course, in addition to the legs to pay attention to move the way, the upper body or to keep standing before the tall and straight to learn. Because the walk and the penalty station is not the same, when the move can not always stiff body. So you can try to focus on the body to the back when the pressure, so walking and stable and good-looking. Do not worry about the center of gravity will fall, high heel propped you forward, your adjustment is only to balance, would like to fall is quite difficult to say. In fact, for the high heels hit the sound, the standard should be about the heel of the heels of the two feet before the "da da", but just learning when the big flower or recommended do not compare this, too strong and easy to heel slippery to their own The Learn to wear also have to pick the money

High heels style is really varied, so for the entry-level high-heeled white, the election for a pair of high heels for their own be regarded as a respect for the master.

Wearing high heels compared to flat shoes, the most straightforward difference is with the high Raised the heel so that the whole foot in the shoes of the focus and hard way to become different, so I would like to learn to wear high heels, to adapt to changes in slope, heel height must be selected. Generally just contact high-heeled shoes for girls, the middle will be more secure choice. Not more than 6cm in the middle with the feet can gradually adapt to the heel and his feet changes, especially for high-heeled shoes to control the muscles are not yet developed enough, both to ensure a safe and balanced health.

Select the height, we will talk about the thickness of the heel. Fine high with straight male favorite, this should not question. However, for health and safety considerations, or to suggest that you choose to be able to hold the heel. High heels heel up, so that heels can control the soles of the soles of the floor compared to flat shoes smaller. So, just started to wear high heels, thick heels than thin shoes more easily adapt, more stable, more secure. Yes, here, insert a sentence, please do not take that pit father's wedge heel to find the feeling of full contact with the soles and semi-contact soles for the footsteps of the support is completely different, so wear it is not the same way.

Wear in addition to the heel, in fact, foot shoes to adapt to high heels also have a great impact. In the grasp of bad high heels wearing skills, it is recommended that you learn from the boots. Boots full package design, so that the foot can get more support, thereby enhancing the feet and high heels of the viscosity and stability. Translate adult words, that is, wear more with the feet, more secure.

Just beginning to wear may feel the ankle was bound, but this is actually in the auxiliary your ankle to prevent the future to wear shoes because of ankle instability and twisted to. Similarly, compared to the ordinary shoes, ankle with a strap of shoes will be wearing a solid wear some high heels, the stability of the fact that not only the selection of the style, similar models may also be because the design or production stability is very different The

So, buy high heels, strongly recommended after trying to decide. It is cheap nike shoes like to say that the stability of the shoes, must be tried to know before the hands. In fact, the test shoes to walk up to stabilize instability is very simple, as long as the high heels on the smooth table, followed by light let go on the line. The next is to see the effect, if the shoes themselves stopped, but also for the vibration adjustment is also particularly stable, then the stability of this shoe itself is very good. If this little play can not stand, it is not suitable for buying it ...