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How do boys with pants and shoes? More than the length of the leg

In fact, pants and shoes with the overall wear is a very critical part of a direct impact on the overall effect of the final show. And you are concerned about the obvious two meters eight long legs, but also a relationship between the broth. Next small series from a few aspects in terms of how pants and shoes with the correct match. color match. Usually boys pants, shoes are more basic color cheap nike running shoes color, almost how to take will not have too much nike sale sense of violation. But if the child is not high, it is recommended that the color of pants and shoes uniform, to maximize the use of color extension to extend the leg visual lines. Pants and shoes with the type. Privately think this is the most important, if not good to wear the above fashion is also in vain. Small pants or trousers micro-income of this relatively delicate pants type, the best with the same version of the type of slender and self-cultivation of the shoe, emphasizing the uniform sense of fine uniform from top to bottom. If the loose straight pants type, the requirements on the loose much, you can mix with a narrow shoe type, you can also match the more heavy shoes (but the visual is not very beautiful), if cheap nike sneakers the legs are thick, the latter is more inappropriate , On the rough under the rough you are how to, it will only look thicker ~ style, material with. Although the popular mix and match, but some combination together really very hot eyes. Such as loose cotton sports pants with business shoes, new nike shoes tight pants with pants or shoes, if you are not a model leg fairy promise I please give up as soon as possible please ~

More respected mix and match mix is partial pants with casual shoes, creating an effortless fashion sense, daily wear high and not contrived, such as suit pants with casual shoes. Or vice versa, will be casual with the jeans with exquisite Lok Fu shoes, the level suddenly rose several grades.