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How to maintain leather casual men's shoes How to maintain leather casual men's shoes

Business casual shoes have a variety of materials: leather, patent leather, PU, rtificial leather and so on. For shoes of different materials, it is necessary to take corresponding measures for maintenance and care. If the leather business casual shoes are used for nursing, do not use a damp cloth to wipe or use a cleaning sponge, and do not use water. Instead, use a dry soft cloth to wipe. Leather business casual shoes in maintenance, can not use a wet cloth to wipe or can not nike shox use a cleaning sponge, more not to water, the general cleaning is best to dry the soft cloth to wipe floating soil, daily maintenance and shoes should use the same color Shoe polish (preferably a cream-like shoe polish, personally do not like liquid shoe polish, always feel that after use will make the shoe leather more dry pleated), remember that regardless of the type of shoe polish, do not use too much, because shoe polish has A certain degree of volatility and dryness, too much coating, long storage time, but cause skin cracking. If the shoes get wet, dry the cloth in time to wipe off the water inside the shoes and let it cool in the shade. Do not expose it to the sun.

Special leather business casual shoes how to maintain?

Brushed sheepskin and flat patent leather, wrinkled patent leather are less common leather shoes materials. If you buy these kinds of material business casual shoes, you may wish to take care of it by following the following methods:

Rub-colored sheepskin business casual shoes: When wearing such leather shoes, natural decolorization is a normal phenomenon, and it will not fall off in large areas, but it is likely to cause serious local decolorization when it is worn without attention. Can not be worn for a long time to use; avoid rain and wet cloth wipe, if you run into oil stains, stains, easy to local bleaching when cleaning, care can be wiped clean shoes air max with a clean cloth, keep the leather color, and then shoe last After the paper is put into the ventilated place for 1 hour, it will be returned to the shoe box after being dehumidified. Do not use brighteners for care. It will cause skin whitening and wrinkling. It is recommended to use colorless shoe polish. Apply lightly and lightly to restore gloss.

Plane patent leather, wrinkled patent leather business casual shoes: shoes surface dust can be used clean and wet cloth (not dripping is better) can be lightly wipe, but also can use leather cleaner or cleaning cream to take care of, but can not use brightener or shoe milk care. Brighteners can cause spurious coatings to fall off. Shoe creams can wrinkle the upper. It is advisable that the patent leather should be worn above 10 degrees Celsius. Water stained skin, waxed skin care: water stained skin, waxing skin is uncoated skin, easy to absorb moisture and stains, sales should pay attention to water stains or other stains. When using shoes to take care of when wearing, should avoid the rain, do not wear when you want to wipe the dust, keep the upper light brightness, prevent mildew. The maintenance of dark-skinned sheepskin: The care of dark-skinned sheepskin is relatively simple, and good shoes milk and shoe cream can be used.

Patent leather business casual shoes how to maintain?

After all, your beloved shoes must wear them and go through the environment. You will experience bumps or dust stains. It is vital to clean and maintain our love shoes. Only make shoes last. So, how to maintain patent leather business casual shoes?

Patent leather business casual shoes are better clean shoes, because of its smooth texture and water-impervious properties, even if contaminated with dust, wipe with a dry soft cloth, if it is like a mud point with a dry cloth can not wipe the stain , You nike discount store can slightly dampen the cloth, and wipe it clean with a dry cloth immediately after wiping off the stain. The surface of the patent leather is a neutral resin coating. In addition to the above cleaning methods, leather cleaning agents or cleaning creams can also be used, but remember not to use very moist nike running shoes cloth, brightener or shoe polish to maintain the leather on the surface of shoes. The coating falls off and loses the brilliance of the patent leather.

Nursing and Maintenance Business casual shoes are an essential part of daily life. Do not let your shoes affect your wearing because of your own improper care.