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Hurt the three types of shoes do not throw, change can change can be comfortable!

Said the fish and bear's paw can not have both, shoes want to wear good-looking, it is difficult to wear comfortable. Especially in summer, a woman in pursuit of the ultimate slender legs, will be under the shoes under the hard work, often do not take into account the uncomfortable to wear. Long down on the little feet can not Oh ~ summer these three types of shoes is the most hurt, but Xiao Bian has modified its small coup, so you do not have to throw out the beauty and comfort, and quickly get ~ ~ wear a long time Pointed shoes lead to paronychia, a long time can only limping to work. It is because the pointed shoes of the toe part of the narrow, so that your five toe close together, oppression. And then nail also become squeezed, go to the meat inside long to go. Cause the painful roll of paronychia!

Choose a little bit nike free of the code number, so that the left enough to leave enough to the toes. The toe as far as possible to support the big, you can let the foam or paper towel about, or in the toes with padded soft objects. Retro down the pointed shoes, with retro green, matte material, give it lebron 13 elegant visual beauty. With the hit color of the stripes, more dazzling. Straps around the high heels, pointed and high with the match, so you are full of feminine. And bold side with the style design, adding a strong focus on grasping, how to wear are very comfortable.

Ladies style flat shoes, noble treasure blue, bring infinite delicate taste. Mosaic elegant beads romantic beauty, giving women a decent status. Sexy eye-catching Mao root shoes, look at the delicate kitten with, you can feel it advocated the fine concept. Pure black color, leather material, wear a hundred years are not the classic models. In fact, high heels for a long time will be like a pointed shoes the same trouble is squeezing the toes. Especially on the thumb. But also because the high heels to move the center of gravity, resulting in the thumb can only flip out, the higher the heel, the lower the center of gravity, so that the toe twist will be particularly no way, the most simple and crude way, do not wear so high with Oh ~ 4CM the following most comfortable. Reduce the center of gravity, so that the front foot and contact area increases, but also reduce the pressure on the scream. So try to choose a relatively wide style of the toe.

Exquisite nike sale fire with, coupled with the strap style, revealing a woman's white feet. And side with the tip of the fusion, is absolutely the ultimate expression of feminine. Full of aristocratic breath of a high heels, with its unique style, hollow design, hollow way, hit the tone of the tone, the transmission of the urban white-collar workers capable of beauty. Shoes should bring a certain thickness, if it is completely thin paste, to endure a variety of strange ground oppression. Long flesh and flesh close contact with the floor, it is easy for long corns. And many girls will lead to feet feet, very uncomfortable. Thin shoes should also be prepared 1 ~ nike clearance store 2cm thickness. Increase the softness of the soles, reduce the friction on the soles of the feet. Generally free soft folding, so the best soles.