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I heard that girls do not hurt the high heels have these characteristics

Each girl will have a very high time heels have a very special affair, the high heels will have a very long yearning, until you can wear high heels after growing up to find the original high heels is a pain and happy thing. Although the woman wearing high heels, sexual sensibility is very attractive, a lot of time they face very happy smile, and nikes on sale in fact their feet have been very painful, and for the beautiful and fight back the pain. So for a woman wearing high heels, the choice of a pair of walking shoes is very comfortable on the very important, and this kind of shoes will have the following characteristics. A pair of high heels placed horizontally when the heel and soles of the horizontal distance will be more comfortable, because it determines the slope of the shoes, in general, if the distance within 2.5cm, when walking is easy to pain. High heels placed after the level of the heel from the ground the best distance is more than 1cm, this will reduce the pressure on the feet, but will not let us easily fall, but pay attention to the distance between the tip and the ground are not too much. Choose a lined or relatively thick soles shoes, if the soles are thin, then it is flat shoes to walk when the feet will be uncomfortable, not to mention high heels, but also pay attention to when buying shoes must not buy the soles are wood or plastic , You can choose leather or rubber made of soles, walking will be very comfortable.

Heel should not be too thin, otherwise it will make the body's center of gravity all moved nike factory store to the forefoot, so when walking will be easy to focus on instability caused by wrestling, try to choose a heel thick heels. Women do not have any resistance to high heels, and since often want to wear high heels, then you need to choose a pair of walking to a very comfortable and smooth shoes, can let you in any occasion do not have to fight back smile, but also the same beautiful The charm of the black high heels can not only look very small feet, but also gives a very sexy feeling, the upper use of suede material, so feel very delicate and soft, with the high heels in the usual shopping, dating these times Are very suitable for wear, with clothes and pants are also very wild ~ pink powder is the color of each girl is like, you can completely expose nike shoes the girl's heart, there are still the size of nike shox clearance the mouth is not shiny Pearl embellishment, so let the whole shoe look very fashionable high-end, so you wear the moment to show your elegant sweet temperament!