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In addition to hate days high, these still make legs and thin and straight

Time always inadvertently slip away, between the twinkling of an eye to the beginning of the summer season, fashionable fine who can not wait to put on a cool dress up? Shorts skirt naturally become a daily wear, then the United States and the United States sandals will not mention the next. Every season, the clothes feel can not find the wear, the shoes are so, feeling like last year, like the barefoot came, so a lot of beauty is not to nike air max sale buy buy, is to buy buy the road to buy did not leave, High heels have always been the goddess of the heart of the meat, but not necessarily only high heels can look slender legs, and some rough and even low with you can yo! Although the comfort of shoes is particularly important, but the beauty of the girl or want to air max dress up their delicate and elegant, helpless high heels too tired feet, my nike air max sale dear you may ignore the universal kitten it, it is not cheap nike sneakers only fashionable wear leg long!

The charm of the small pointed, elongated visual effects, even more feet slender delicate, sexy charming, temperament with the glass with 5.5cm heel, smooth and stylish, but also modified legs line, easy to show the goddess of gas, concave Out of the cool shape. Soft sheepskin fabric, comfortable and breathable, not easy to wear foot yo, pointed design, the feet modified slender delicate, it is also sexy, word buckle, elongated visual effects, modified calf lines, filling Slender legs straight, highlight your elegant girl let you Fan children. High heels, although the woman has a fatal temptation, but also to all women difficult to shut out, but also particularly tiring, not comfortable friends, as a senior fashion fine terms, you must forget there are rough with it, Steady rough with, comfortable and stable, yet elegant temperament, so you firmly realize the goddess dream. Simple and elegant, it is easy to cope with a variety of occasions, leisure, shopping, work, or easy to cope with a variety of occasions, leisure, shopping, Party, are you with the best choice yo.

Simple atmosphere of the square head, showing the charm of retro, but also comfortable not folder feet, chic flowers word buckle, sweet playful, highlight the breath of the princess Fan children, add aristocratic temperament, leaving your girl heart burst It Summer quietly, Mushroom cool who can show a big show, but what kind of style can be modified and thin feet straight Let me think about it, it must not be tied to it! Personality unique to the strap, the feet of the modified slender, sexy taste full yo. Lotus leaf flowers, sweet yet elegant charm, add your ladies ladies Fan children, steady rough with, there is a small fine with the sexy atmosphere, but it is not tiring, so that you in a smooth and comfortable Show your goddess temperament, why not?