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Knee boots turned out to be stocky girls ready! Super thin

Autumn and winter is really the best season through the knee boots, shorts and short skirts casually ride, super significant figure! Lengthen the proportion of legs, three minutes and five minutes of five long legs, but in the purchase and selection of knee boots, be sure to advance Raiders, according to nike factory outlet their own body type to nike store choose is the most appropriate. Trousers plus knee boots really not suitable for most girls, although this looks very warm to wear, but the degree of self-cultivation pants is too low, it is easy to fat, and if you wear different colored pants and knee boots, it is Easy to have a sense of truncation, does not seem coordinated. Over knee boots can be combined with the flesh-colored leggings, Leggings body was thin, light leg artifact is not in vain, both warm, thin skill is discount nike shoes a must. Some people think that the more the middle of the white more thinner, in fact, is not the case, too much will be able to cover the excess fat becomes obvious, such as the middle of that compared lebron 14 to the next will be more fat.

Over knee boots close to the curve of the leg, with good extension and elastic recovery, high comfort, the legs can be modified straight and slender, pink is also the girls favorite color, with light-colored shirt is very white . Tight boots are more leg length than wide boots, and loose boots look sideways and can be very wide. And a little fat girls must not choose stiletto primer boots, will look very fat and discordant. The most afraid of knee boots is dropped tube, bow lace design look and use, will not just drop tube, black knee boots is very suitable for just getting started girls, wild was thin and not prone to error. It is the most aesthetically pleasing one in all skirts, with a narrow waist at the waist and a perfect body line, covering the fattest part of the lower body , Leaving a sense of space, with knee-length boots really slim and beautiful, but should pay attention to improve their own waist Oh!