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Little white shoes turned yellow? 9 ways to let white shoes return!

This year's small white shoes have Hit the whole fashion circle, whether it is street shooting or star attend activities, everywhere you can see the shadow of small white shoes. But wearing a dress, small white shoes on the yellow, and with the summer rainy season struck, small white shoes accidentally become dirty and stained. To make your white shoes will always be your fashion a single product, learn this small coup it! For the shoes of the leather part, a scratches in fact will let the whole pair of shoes pale. If you really accidentally scratched, you can use white nail polish to fill the cracks, the effect will make you very pleasantly surprised! The use of white shoes, special cleaning agent is of course the best way, but if there is no home, you can use nike discount store a cloth rubbing a little white vinegar, and then gently in the shoes stains circular motion, you can easily wipe the stains. Although the washing machine is very convenient, but the white shoes into the washing machine is not too suitable for the practice, because the washing machine speed is too strong, will only hurt the shoes of the material. So do not be lazy, or choose hand wash it! When you can go to the stains, nike factory store you can use the old toothbrush, fan soap add warm water, and then gently on the stains circular motion, and then washed with water on it. Shoelace, you can remove the shoelaces before cleaning, and then use warm water and fan soap gently clean, and then naturally dry on it. When you finish the cleaning process, your white shoes may become wet answer, this time you can put the hard paper or newspaper into the shoe, in addition to speed up the shoes dry, can also prevent the deformation of shoes.

If the white shoes on the stained with grease, you discount nike shoes can use the nature of the shampoo with warm water mixed, and then wet toothbrush or wipes gently clean, and then washed with water on it. Do not let the white shoes on the sun can be accelerated to let the shoes dried, because the sun's ultraviolet light is to let the color of white shoes off and turn yellow. In fact, the best place to store white shoes is indoors do not let the sun shine to the place, so quickly put the balcony on the shoes received it! A controversial question: Can you use bleach on white shoes? The answer is yes, but can only be diluted bleach, the weight is about 1 part of the bleach than 5 water, excessive bleach will make air max the white shoes turn yellow. Cleaning method can also use a toothbrush or rag, and then washed with water.