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Martin boots grinding feet how to do with both sides of the instep are grinding

?To talk about this Martin boots, which is a lot of people are like, this Martin boots is super domineering, the Martin boots grinding feet how to do? Still in different locations grinding feet: 1, heel shoes wear shoes

First wet paper towels to dry, and then soaked with liquor, shop to the edge of the shoe, with a clip fixed, put a night on it.

2, both sides of the grinding feet

Wet towel cover for a few minutes, so that the edge of the shoes gradually wet and soft, and then take the rolling pin, round bottles like cylindrical objects forced to roll several times.

3, shoes squeeze the foot, press the instep

You can use a wet towel to cover the wet hands, and then a pair of shoes wedge support. No shoes wedge, then you can also find a few newspapers, first a newspaper soaked after the kneading into the group, the water squeezed some, and then wrapped in a dry newspaper, stuffed into the shoes, put a night after the Martin boots to wear The interior space will be much larger will eliminate the nike air max shoes squeeze the foot, press the foot of the situation.

Other locations:

Method one: You can use Vaseline smear the piece of grinding feet of the site, and then placed two days, during the continuous use of Vaseline conservation, so that this piece of leather will be soft and smooth a lot of smooth.

Method 2: You can use the hair dryer against the grinding foot parts blowing, with a hard object (if you choose a hammer, you must use a soft cloth will blow up wrapped) smashing the upper softening thinner, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-wear feet.

Method three: prepare anti-wear paste, specifically to deal with shoes grinding foot problem.

This Martin boots is indeed super good-looking, but also pay attention to the time to buy must try to avoid a variety of grinding feet.

Method four: prepare anti-wear bar, where the grinding feet where the coating. If not, you can also use Vancouver and small supermarkets inside the Yu Mei net alternative.