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Protect the soles are not easy to bad way, walking posture different effects on the feet

Soles easy to bad there are two important reasons, one material problem, the second is the friction and walking posture. If the shoes are more expensive, the lebron 13 quality of their own vamps to maintain a good, because the soles of the bad lost this pair of shoes is a pity, you can through some means to protect the shoes is not easy to bad. 1, to see if there is no special bias, which side of the bias, first of all to correct the way to walk and posture and other aspects to start, is very effective. 2, you can go to the place where the shoes, so that shoe repair workers to paste a soles, wear on the feet can not see, the skin is very wearable. 3, the use of materials similar to the soles of the wear parts of a good repair. Especially shoes soles wear, due to the material of the shoe itself, encountered wear and tear, will affect the whole shoe gives the texture, be sure to repair in time.

From the soles of the situation to see the situation, understand the health status:

Walking is correct, as well as the soles of the feet of the situation, if the uneven wear or wear parts wrong, there may be out of the health of the situation. The following four common conditions can help determine:

1, the performance in the soles of the front and heel outside: walking posture is more correct, it is more normal soles wear state.

2, the inside of the soles of the wear more: commonly known as the eight characters, feet over the varus or congenital flat foot, knee compression to the inside, easily lead to joint sprain, injury.

3, the soles of the outer wear more: cheap nike sneakers commonly known as the outside character, foot over valgus or congenital high bow all black nike shoes foot, knee compression to the outside, nike store the formation of severe O-type legs.

4, the front of the soles of wear more: personality more urgent, walking has the habit of leaning forward, easy to have tendons tendons too tight, sore feeling.

Summary: soles wear can be repaired, the body damage repair on the trouble. Carefully observe the state of the sole wear marks, if found abnormal or asymmetric wear conditions, should seek professional doctors as soon as possible to find out the reasons and adjust the treatment.