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Punk wind blowing children circle, Martin boots charm unstoppable!

What is Martin nike shoes on sale boots. Here, there is a story to be confessed, the earliest is said to be a German called Martin, when skiing in the Alps fell his foot, in order to facilitate the recovery of legs and feet, he filled with rubber tires Air, invented this air cushion soles. Later, black and white nikes the shoes were worn by German women with leg problems and lumbar problems as health shoes, after which they were sold to Britain for use in the production of work shoes and military shoes. So, Martin boots is a more comfortable to cross the calf through the shoes, both in terms of workmanship or workmanship, are really material, solid and practical. In the 1970s it became a symbol of the streets and punk. Of course, Martin boots are also classified, the simplest from the length of the boots point of view, a short tube, tube and tube in three. Today, there are many children's boots Martin boots figure, therefore, the stylish British style, the rate of punk flavor also started landing children's fashion circles. Children's Martin boots is what? Little punk teenager and girl, will interpret what kind of classic style? Let kids try out this amazing boots! nike store Very retro fashion trend of children's boots, the appearance of the atmosphere is the style of stylish leather, lining and velvet, both type and comfortable, with cool British style clothing, influx of the audience, the side zipper to wear no longer complicated.

Leather Martin boots, cantaloupe mirror PU with gray velvet to do the upper, using the traditional Martin boots shape, create a short section of the shape, revealing a thick British style. Retro Martin children's boots, motorcycle models of fashion punk style, the appearance of leather, plus velvet inside, atmospheric fashion and comfortable to wear. The first layer of cowhide material made of a children's Martin boots, traditional hand-stitching, casual fashion style, round head design full of arrogance, full of British style. The first layer of soft leather to create nike shop the classic Martin boots, boots inside with velvet fabric, suitable for the cold autumn and winter seasons, short paragraph style wild variety of apparel style, cool atmosphere. Leather material, long Martin boots, selection of high quality elastic boots, boot body upright can be folded, you can create a long section of boots or boots, boots and more! Full of British style children's boots, leather material, pure hand-made, upper embossed craft, side zipper design easy to wear off, a stylish wind boots.