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Seasonal season to the shoes to a depth of cleaning and maintenance

Shoes in the life of male friends which is absolutely indispensable, a pair of good shoes not only wear comfortable but also enhance the identity of men's taste. But a pair of good shoes is the need for careful conservation, especially in this wet season nike clearance season. Xiaobian today to give you a few strokes, teach you how to give shoes a depth of cleaning and maintenance. Any shoes in the storage must be carried out before the cleaning and care of the action, with suede cotton cloth or clean cloth to wipe the upper and waterproof table above the dust, if dirty dirt, with a damp cotton back and forth to wipe , After drying can be nursing, the following is a few special leather leather shoes care methods: oil wax skin is matte cortex, common in the rough retro style men's shoes. If the upper when there is a stain, do not use any maintenance agent, at this time as far as possible with a weak wet cotton cloth rub. This leather with oil, if the coveted easy to use ordinary shoe cream maintenance, oil wax is easy to change color or scratches. Should be applied with a special oil wax cream nourishing cream applied to the upper, then the color of the shoes will temporarily become deep, fully absorbed after the cool air after the polished, it will show the character.

Use nourishing cream on the entire upper should be used to avoid a piece of color deep color, and the action on the wipe must be forced. Velvet leather shoes in recent years is very popular, is the darling of the fashionable people, it is bright colors and its extraordinary style, it is worth a praise. Velvet suede is generally the front of the two layers of leather or the first layer of the opposite, texture and senses are very feeling, but for the maintenance of suede shoes, seems to have become our biggest trouble. For the dust clean recommended raw plastic brush, the front set with raw rubber tape dedicated to the leather surface of the floating ash to Shan. Brush side of the copper wire, dedicated to the side of the shoe gap, the shoe can be sewn deep plaster to remove. And then use a shoe brush dipped in a special cleaning solution and carefully scrub the surface, then wash the surface of the shoes with water and the shoes on the cool and ventilated place to dry. Finally, brush the cheap nike shoes surface with a brush to make the villi reproduce. In addition, the suede shoes for a long time do not wear or wear a long time easy to change the old color, then, you can go to the shoe store to buy special shoes or spray to achieve the effect of coloring, but the care agent with chemical composition is not recommended for frequent use. Cleaning stains in the first just when the stain on the timely nike air max treatment, a long time it is difficult to clean up. If the dirt is not easy to clean or too large, then you can consider refurbishing it!

The front of the leather polished into velvet, and nike shoes men oil wax skin care methods do not need to use care; compared to a few years ago popular shoes powder, a good soft brush can easily and easily keep the shoes clean, With the use of matte skin cleaning solution, the effect is even better. If the upper is very dirty, you can use two fine detergent, vinegar, 50 copies of water, after mixing, wipe in the dirty place, and then wipe the water, the final natural scenery, the daily situation, it is recommended no water. Patent leather because of its bright qualities, if improper maintenance or scratches, it is easy to look cheap. In addition to the usual attention to wear, season should be carefully cleaned. This leather shoes do not have shoes, shoe polish easy to atomize, more bad care, with non-woven cloth after the use of foam cleaning agent can quickly look a new look. Patent leather easy to dye, with dark objects separated, it is best to put shoes into the shoe box of non-woven. Wipe the leather produced by the shoes, by wiping and polishing, there are gradient and harmonious color differences, with nostalgic and retro style, if improper maintenance, will destroy this style. This color can not use the color and solvent-based shoe polish, you must use colorless transparent shoe polish or leather care agent to protect the shoes, and dry with a soft cloth to brighten, or in the prominent style of the site, with high waxy shoe polished Bright, can always keep the ancient style of polished shoes, but also has mildew, bright, soft and enhance the durability of leather effect.