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Select shoes to see is the leg type, not what is suitable for you

In winter, the girls in the South were still bare on their backs while the northern girls were wearing mink. As the coordinates of southern girls in Guangzhou, simply do not appreciate what is cool! Because it is speedy! Frozen! Cold! For the time being with the United States and Canada Mei Jiaga today to put up a single shoe, put on boots with nike outlet online me, it has become both winter features and stylish winter single product. Want to choose a pair of boots to make you warm is very simple, but to be suitable for your boots, then first on the legs to a big bottom it! Many people mistakenly think that as long as the leg-shaped pen straight girl, the boots can wear both beautiful and stylish, then you are nike sale wrong. Even if the leg type is not ideal, just choose the style of the boots, always pay attention to avoid weaknesses, or will be the same as the United States and the United States da ~ ~ Personalized narrow leg boots models are taboo these two types of legs, it will fully reveal the calf is not straight enough, So with flanging design or silhouette of the boots are the best choice. Elephant legs, the United States should pay attention to the United States, to avoid the choice of close-fitting narrow-legged boots, fine with and exaggerated style, so as to avoid the formation of thighs appear to double the sudden part of the so wrinkled design and wide knee boots black nike shoes over Very suitable. Radish leg sister remember to be selected, the length of the boots just in the lower part of the leg shape, just not the thickest part of the calf, crisp and vertical type of boots can be well modified stout radish legs.

If your leg type is not cheap nike basketball shoes bad, but height does not prevail, pulled down the ratio of the legs. Just do not choose thick and wide mouth with the type of boots on it, revealing the bare ankle boots is a very good choice. You can also try the above-mentioned taboo narrow-legged knee boots, but also to extend the ratio of the world can make the body and body have a sense of stretch ~