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Shoes and socks story

Ankle exposed socks always out of the limelight, to seize people's attention. Hit color, stripes, black nike shoes wave point, ethnic. The The Today, the style of socks has become more elements together, with the right shoes, rolled up trousers, to do a type of street shooting tide men it. Although the socks at the foot, but the discount nike shoes best embodiment of a person's taste, I think, than the shirt tie is also important nike outlet online If a decent fashionable dress is the protagonist, then there is no doubt that the delicate accessories is definitely an important supporting role. Socks is a good choice for early riding fashion. This can only make people catch a glimpse of the place, but it is possible to see a person's real taste. May wish to start from these small details, the use of the smallest items to play the greatest effect, do nike air max sale taste the quality of fashion men. Do not say jeans, whether you wear suits or casual pants, socks, the color has to depend on the color of pants, rather than according to the color of the shoes. Black trousers are clearly required with black socks, brown pants with brown socks, blue and gray pants are the same. But with other colors of pants socks have to be careful. When you have a last resort, you can try several colors of socks to determine which match works best. And if you can not be sure, then usually darker more insurance. According to the pants color with the meaning of socks, when you have to take off the shoes or sit down, your socks will be exposed, and pants with color matching socks can make your overall image more smooth and harmonious, and vice versa may fall short.