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Small election shoes big election? Do not hurt the foot! Unfortunately, I do not know until now

Many times to buy shoes will choose to buy a bigger one, think this is more cost-effective, wear comfortable. However, the big bucks do not necessarily earn! When our feet just stuck in between the two shoe sizes, such as half-size shoes to wear 36 and half shoes, in fact, choose a smaller size of the shoes instead better. This truth if earlier know, the following these conditions you should rarely encounter ~ young feet grow fast, get used to buy freshman shoes, but wearing shoes easy to develop bad habits. Big shoes will not be with the foot, it will lead to walking either do not lift the foot, pull the shoes, or lean forward, stinging ass, hanging shoes with the heel, it is ugly. Over time will form a habit. At the same time, the shoes run around, the shoes slip off easily and they may trip over. Shoes do not fit, will affect the health of the feet. Do not fit the shoes may cause the shoes to wear feet. Buy shoes must be appropriate, because the shoes big, feet inside the shoe friction. Freshman shoes, dust in the air and the sand on the road and so easy to enter the shoes through the gap, coupled with easy to sweat your feet, so that it is easy to add up dirty. So to choose the right size, loose, breathable shoes good job.

In fact, Xiao Bian said shoes choose not to elect large, refers to just wear half a yard of two yards between the code, choose a smaller yard than freshman yards better shoes, because the shoes themselves more through pine, nike factory store wearing a Once or twice, your shoes will fit nike running shoes your feet. The election will be more and more loose big. If you are very lucky, can just wear a positive kobe shoes size shoes that really do not have a headache, but wearing half a yard cheap nike running shoes of shoes sister, or in accordance with this way to choose shoes, shoes look better and more compact.