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Summer, it is necessary to such a naive shoes

One summer, as long as the beginning to wear sandals, the feet seem to no longer wear canvas shoes, running shoes, or any other shoes wrapped around the feet, because the real super hot, and summer, I want is cool Type of sandals, wearing comfortable, yet beautiful. Xiao Qi himself is such a person, so now every day to wear sandals, canvas shoes are I put up to wait until the fall and then come out to see the sun friends, but there are a small small cheap nike sneakers here Tips to tell the baby: when wearing sandals must remember to apply sunscreen, or after a summer, your feet may become so long as a good sunscreen, and then face a good mask after the evening, then the extra essence Put on the feet of a deposited, even after the end of the summer, I believe your feet will still be more uniform skin color friends. So, my sister to cool or to whitening, you choose it yourself. Small qi today to give you grass two kinds of the most suitable for summer fresh sandals, not get together to see it.

With a strap can be string into a pair of simple new nike shoes sandals, almost designed and the word drag about the same, but more people with the thickening of the design, so even when the work, you can wear out Oh Of course, many people still like to travel when they wear it, flat, wear more comfortable cool, simple design, filled with thick Bohemian style! Soft bottom of the design, so wear a special soft and comfortable, not grinding feet. Personality style design, with full of Bohemian romantic feelings, simple style, summer wear absolutely cool full. Stylish atmosphere of the green sandals, simple folder toe design, fresh breathable, summer wear the most appropriate. Go out to the streets or work, can easily meet your single product with a Oh, flat design, how long will not be very hot to drop! Favorite it cherry-style embellishment, dazzling, but also great to give the charm. Thickened with pearl embellishment, and more copies of sweet tenderness. With a skirt will be more playful sweet sense. Super simple design style nike shoes pinch design sandals, nike air max classic black and stylish green two. Metal buckle design, but also add fashion, simple belt, give you a full cool experience. Flowing to the fly with the word with sandals, with its simple and unique design and durable version of the design, won a lot of MM's favorite, so it will be in recent years has become a fashion beach-goers, there is one thing, It is very strong match, minutes to get all wear, and summer wear is also very cool.

Shoes, summer wear is also very cool, is the rough with the design, wear will not be particularly tired feet. Winding type shoelaces design, more girls sexy charm. Crystal mosaic, highlights the girls sweet romantic atmosphere.