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Summer competition for a product, you guess what?

2017 summer retro trend seems to come. So, when everyone in the selection of sandals, you can pay more attention to some of the retro with a single product Oh ~ below to introduce some of the sandals and choose to pay attention to the place, do not know these is your first choice for this summer? Sandals, because of its unique charm and favored by women. But the general shoes can cover the feet, to beautify the foot effect, sandals are exposed to the foot part of the more, so the sandals on the purchase, there are many and different shoes. Buy sandals, the first is to see, on the feet of people feel comfortable. Therefore, the purchase must remember to carefully observe the bottom of the sandals design and heel the design Oh. Walking will not tired feet and grinding the key lies. Foot of the people, do not wear too thin-style sandals, in front of half-foot, is unsightly. Buy sandals can buy smaller, can give people the impression of long shoes. Choose sandals style, of course, also pay attention to cover their own weaknesses. Can not do this, do not wear sandals slightly

Wearing shoes is the most important is comfortable friends, although the high-heeled good-looking, but the heel is also has its advantages, choose a pair of retro elegant thick sandals, chorus is not a kind of satisfaction, simple and stylish, walking is also stable The The toe can cover cheap nike running shoes the size of some feet, not all girls are three inch Jinlian, in short, at the ankle at the above part of the more complicated, do not let the feet look too thin, the attention of others away, the effect is very it is good. Sandals are soft surface PU, the soles are non-slip rubber, soft and comfortable, with about 2 cm tall, with any skirt or pants, simple yet stylish shoes, let it take it away. Sandals barefoot look good. This is justified, but if you want to wear sandals for the United States, then barefoot wearing sandals, there is a natural role to reveal the feet of the United States. Barefoot wearing sandals will appear more neat and natural beauty, especially when wearing a skirt.

In this way, the foot of is to pay special attention to the. Bare feet before wearing sandals, must be thoroughly clean, first manicure, in addition, pay attention to the nail gap clean. This requires special treatment: first use hot water soak, and then use pins, knives, sponges and other special tools, carefully cleaned. Many girls feel in the summer, wear shoes is difficult, take off shoes more difficult, this buckle is buckle buckle, hook is very simple, first fixed button to adjust their feet appropriate nike running shoes size, and then hook gently Hang up. If you wear socks, knee knitted stock is appropriate Socks short will shorten the leg length, and the current trend does not match. Wearing a knee kobe shoes high stockings, legs will be divided into two sections, will also cause a short feeling, especially from the back to see, more cheap nike running shoes indecent. The color of the transparent socks should match the color of the dress, while the white socks are generous, but must be kept white.