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Summer waterproof table sandals the aesthetic moment

Why do women choose summer sandals with sandals, not sandals? In fact, the design of the sandals as long as the out of the vast majority of the foot, or pinch the back of the toes can ask the hook to support the upper, then the slippers and sandals is actually as effortless. Slippers in the form of more casual and charming, for women to add a lot of charm. Slope with high-heeled or rosewood style cool towel safe to increase the height, elongated leg type, but also very breathable cool, of course, is the first choice for summer wear. Feel good waterproof platform, not only to increase the overall height, but also very practical and convenient. Now the design of a beautiful waterproof sandals a lot, but are not as good as the waterproofing tower more even more enchanting more. With hot pants or skirt it can be alone side. Ultra-thick waterproof tower side of its advantage cheap nike sneakers is instantly high height, leg ratio significantly longer, if the design has more prominent ideas and style, then whether it is black and white, will reveal a trendy move Boldness. National style also has a waterproof platform thick sandals, the latter half of the upper perspective effect, there are fine embroidery, is undoubtedly a style.

Out of the pearl color red flowers embroidery, as well as blue models, Sven cute, it is suitable for flax with summer wear If it is a solid color fashion equipment is also very suitable for such a waterproof table with sandals. Weaving at the end, also known as the fisherman soles of the sandals, pure color models, exposed feet more parts, it is more out of stock, but it looks more fresh and gentle, especially the choice of the light line. Any single piece can not hold the overall situation, when you choose the waterproof platform slope with the sand when the time to understand their own feet, some people have always been walking is not tired, wearing high heels is also wind and water, and some People are easy to tired nike shoes on sale feet, then you choose charming and elegant slope with sandals, as shown above, close to the heel part of the upper side with a live control, then if you wear a pair of shoes, will be very easy.

For the leather class pine cake slope with sandals, but also lace loose wooden bottom, in fact, very light, but it is designed to be more common cross uppers. Cross the beauty is another advantage compared to the cross. Cross the design just weakened by the soles of the soles of the hands of the weight of the upper, cleverly dispersed creamy nude color and white contrast more kind of nike outlet convergence of the sense of content, and skin color close to the foot and the shoes themselves are integrated, Unexpected, but do not have the charm of the color. Sports wind will also be used in the thick side of the cool drag, it is more like a shoe design casual shoes, but to remove the heel to help the new nike shoes face part. Mesh rivets plus bars, so that the thick sandals with active youthful atmosphere, upper mesh breathable, wrapped in the foot part of the more, wearing a walk easier, not tired feet. Speaking of hollow, then weaving shoes side of the rivet decoration, plus the striped with the hollow form, the same is very chic, the bottom of the black and silver hit the color, although it is light, it is eye-catching. In front of the lace texture of the side of the flower embellishment, here is a straight out of a rose embellishment, these styles will not let the transparent feel of the upper pole seems very strange, the foot seems to be stuck on the soles, and added a dotted , This kind of feeling is much better. The so-called still beard half-cover effect, or very sultry.