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Take off the thick winter clothes, spring wear these 3 shoes just right

The weather has begun to get warmer, for the just crush who replaced thick winter clothes, a pair of shoes for spring wear is particularly important, taking into account we are not what Street beat people, stylish pioneer, but ordinary workers, students Party, the choice of shoes naturally do not need too frontier, simple, nice and comfortable is very nice Oh! There must be a pair of canvas shoe shoes, simple and durable and stylish, the spring season, and ultimately inevitable canvas shoes debut! Casual canvas shoes, fashion simple, casual wild, wearing special comfortable, nike outlet store classic black and white wild tone, no matter how long will not feel outdated, fashion sense full of charm. Dad shoes thick soles with a long absence, a sense of the era, but gradually became popular this year, take a look at the recent star Street beat will know, this "thick end stupid shoes" really hot! This season is to play good, a variety of materials splicing, combined with block division, to create a rich sense of hierarchy! Bump soles nike factory store collision color handling, eye-catching! Light and soft, good elasticity, comfortable to wear, not tired to walk!

Round head design to bring enough activity space toe, to reduce the crush of toes, comfortable walking. Bump heel hit color splicing, eye-catching, fashion personality, creating a rich sense of hierarchy. nike shop A pair of wild high shoes to protect both the ankle can get fashionable, so wearing a single product, mushroom cool not get a pair of ready! Women exclusive skateboard shoes, pink theme shows, nike shoes with sweet and romantic accompany you every trip. Shoe body has a high profile, comes with a gas field design, piercing the Queen style children.