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The beauty of the feet are raised, your feet need to breathe!

Summer is coming, sinking lebron 14 unwilling heart began to stir around, want to wear beautiful shoes out of the United States, but some people are born sweaty feet, the road to go more love sweating, feel uncomfortable, Xiao Bian teach everyone Recipe, to avoid sweaty feet embarrassment. Shoes must have a good breathability. If the shoes of the air permeability is not good, will affect the foot skin breathing function, can not be very good perspiration, then easy to cause bacterial infection, so easy to sweat feet to pay attention to friends, buy shoes must buy shoes. Can not wear the same pair of shoes every day. Wearing nike discount store shoes can not be placed in a wet place, the best shoes out of the sun 1 to 2 days. Alternating wear, but also an effective inhibition of foot sweating. Socks is best cotton, cotton permeability is better, this can also be better perspiration. And socks must be changed every day, keep clean, to avoid bacterial infection. With salt water feet. Every day before going to bed with warm water feet, water temperature can not be too high can not be too low, 40 鈩?appropriate. In the warm water by adding the right amount of salt, has been soaked for 15 minutes or so. Add white vinegar foot bath to warm water. White vinegar can be effective sterilization, the maximum temperature of water can not exceed 45 鈩? too hot water easily damage the skin tissue, 15 minutes the most appropriate. Wash your feet every day after rubbing the amount of powder. Talcum powder has a dry, sweat effect. For the feet of sweating people is very helpful, but also to avoid foot odor.

Round shoes itself with a small effect of small feet, with the sweet bow decoration, to the original retro style adds a stylish charm, the overall presentation of a college style, with wide leg pants or dress, are Is very fashionable by age, upper body effect of the United States and da da! Work fine metal deduction is the biggest bright spot of this pair of small shoes, people have to pay attention to it, the use of leather material, soft and not wrinkled, ultra-fine fiber inside, give you the most comfortable skin-friendly experience, Rubber soles, give you the quality of protection. With sexy shorts or casual jeans can easily control. The use of retro Bullock design, British wind full. Comfortable square root design, ease the pressure of the foot, round head of the toe with a small visual effect, fashion nike shoes cross straps, with an elegant ladies Fan, non-slip wear rubber soles, soft inside, to Your most comfortable experience. Simple and stylish small shoes, choose a strong sense of glossy soft leather patent leather, very good care, ultra-fine fiber inside, give you comfortable and delicate skin feeling. The biggest bright spot is the retro metal buckle, add a British wind, put on stockings, no matter what clothes, are full of charm. Small white shoes fashion trend has been unable to stop, coupled with simple and generous design style, fashion sense full, ultra-fine fiber inside, comfortable not grinding feet, heel reinforcement, fixed foot type to prevent injury, anti-skid wear rubber soles , Gave you quality assurance. Round head of the toe design, very small feet, the classic British style shoes design style, the overall show of youthful atmosphere, increased heel to increase the advantages of height, add self-confidence, wild models apply to different The season will not be out of date, fashion wild.

The first eye to bring you the feeling is full of young girls, selected high glossy PU material, easy to care, classic British small shoes style, with casual jeans or wide leg pants, fashion wild, full Full of campus nike trainers style, plus stockings decorated, full of charm. Selection of gloss and softness are high patent leather material, to create a classic British flavor, fashion darling, non-slip wear rubber soles, comfortable inside material, give you a different experience, sets of models, lace models , Diamond-plated models and other styles, free selection, fashion wild