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The taste of blue sea worn on the feet

If you have a street interview now, ask what your favorite color is. In all likelihood, the blue will be the one to win the vote, and both men and women. However, this low-key color, but rarely with the trend of the word is related. However, this fashion circle actually quietly blew a burst of blue wave, but also all the way to the sports shoes sector, is really full of marine flavor. In this sense, blue seems to have taken our heart for a long time after our childhood and even as an adult. As for why it has not yet lagged behind in the fashion circle, perhaps because of its matching requirements have always been quite high? After all, accidentally wear a full sense of grudge. But now that this age is not fashion, blue will finally boil it. Of course, today's sports shoes nike clearance have long been more than just rigidly adhere to the two basic values sports and comfort, fashion sense out of the "sports culture" and "shoes culture", so countless street nike store influx of people and even ordinary people, Have begun to have a deep fascination with sports shoes. From simple basic blue, to the material and the collision with other colors, the charm of blue sports shoes has not only reflected in its color on it. As a "bad street" a shoe, all kinds of interesting high imitation brush had burst the circle of friends. Compared with the former, blue and red models should give people a sense of security, and posture also did not lose the former.

The soles of the TPU are blue and red color to create two-color, in addition, it is also on both sides of the stent and heel and nike shop front stability block were integrated into the gray, red, two-color manufacturing visual contrast, a simple red, blue and gray tri-color highlights the shoes Type of unique charm. The shoe body is still in the form of leather and high-performance canvas stitching, with superior texture, while continuing the high-top version of double straps design, tough ballistic nylon show details of the delicate effect. Together with plastic outsole, a sense of toughness rushed to the military wind. Wear it out to the streets or play ball, can bring a fresh good mood for themselves, but also a rare eye-catching share. Has the "most beautiful touch of blue" title of nike shox North Carolina Blue, sustenance is not only a pursuit of fashion, but also a unique feeling.