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Thick platform shoes, sports and fashion combined

Sports style of the wind to become the current mainstream, in addition to exquisite casual shoes that do not forget there are minimalist casual shoes, kobe 11 easy pedal style, easy to wear is also particularly good take clothing, whether the current street or star tide Take, casual shoes are everywhere. Thick platform shoes, sports and fashion combination! Although the end of thick, but the sole design of the arc is perfect, very comfortable to wear. Or leather, do not cover your feet, revealing a mysterious sense of handsome. Sole design is very attractive, the use of black and white to build a triangular sense of interspersed to enhance the aesthetic level. Uneven upper layer made of leather, soles are rubber material, can be very good non-slip. Sole design also incorporates the style of sports shoes, coupled with leather shoes body, without any sense of violation. A very good sports shoes, I believe you will like. High-quality two-layer leather material, bringing a soft and light texture. Vamping the nikes on sale upper handle, autumn dress will not boredom, allowing you to wear more breathable, to give you a breeze breeze walking experience, more comfortable. Dark blue, dirt-resistant and easy to clean.

Stitching leather and velvet, looks thick In fact, breathability is not mean, at the same time personalized crocodile skin texture more personality, wild black, any garment can easily manage. Soles black and white gradient, very attractive. Simple and elegant single product, often with nike air max women a young effect of nike free reducing age, this classic cloth shoes, with three-color soles embellishment, fashion sense is very strong. Comfortable breathable fit the foot, quite casual. Punching shoes generally gives the impression that the high-end excellence, carved, with perfect hand-technology, the use of delicate leather, comfortable breathable pigskin inside, non-slip wear-resistant rubber outsole, soft texture, breathable drill Hole design, comfortable wild, attend any occasion are handy, is an essential business men's shoes a shoe!