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Throughout the summer, I was so beautiful, very handsome

Hot summer is the most sweating season, but if you are different in different occasions on the wrong things, even if you sweat sometimes in addition to embarrassment or embarrassment, but let Xiaobian told how to choose how many of your favorite short Sleeves shirt, so you wear the relaxed, comfortable and cheap nike air max breathable, moisture absorption effect is very good, all day dry and cool feeling. Polo throughout the summer is also at any time courseware, this Japanese Korean fresh Polo shirt with a cotton fabric, chic base stand collar, exquisite lathe line, sleeve side and stand collar yellow side of the design, so that the whole clothes are Aspect, comfortable and breathable, but also a tide of men against the attack. Pure color lapel Paul shirt, very handsome, piercing the streets of Paris style, chest chic printed letters, there are three white buttons is black in the white, cotton fabric, very soft and comfortable, upper body effect a rod , Male tide of the tide range children.

Shirt can ferry, solid color collar Korean Slim shirt upper body effect is great, I tell you but also lovers Oh, do not see it This man and a woman with a really handsome handsome three words can not be language expression, wear you know. Plaid shirt is also a style, the standard version of the type and sharp collar design, so that the whole body is very high body with a very high and attractive, take your beloved jeans, air max because the thin is the summer of the men's favorite Oh. Five sleeves lapel loose trendy version of T , with a white leisure shorts, in the sunset under the irradiation kobe 11 to catch their own shoes to walk after a meal, from the work of the state release relaxed, is definitely your best choice. White is innocent, white is a love, but not infatuated Oh, this white T year old can wear, not out of date, although simple, chic cut is the bright spot, catch your hole jeans lebron 14 Obviously so handsome and handsome.