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Want to do retro girl, which 7 shoes you have?

A lot of people say that fashion is a reincarnation, printing pants, suede, bell-bottoms, etc., which were originally considered the old soil of a single product have boarded the fashion arena, but the real and striped stripes as classic undefeated not much. Clothing so, of course, the same applies to shoes. Compared to men, women's shoes style to tricks more, but to the most classic eternal, the following few is really classic undefeated. Perfect, handsome full of shoes, walking very comfortable, asymmetrical feeling really earn the same rate, the nike sneakers first attempt to such shoes, give nike sale you a great surprise, the color is nike shox clearance very beautiful, flat style is very comfortable. Oxford low, comfortable and soft, PU upper, coupled with the old effect, retro feel right, upper tidy car suture, play a double role of decorative reinforcement, lace elements, wear off easily.

Thick side of the short stature MM do not have to worry about, or very comfortable with the rough design, the shoes used retro color, very texture, tie the edge of the package to protect the shoes, wearing more comfortable. Metal ornaments are very embellishment, the color is thick vintage retro style, whether it is dark green or Western style red, have a noble cold temperament. Square root design is also very unique. Candy color is very eye-catching, suitable for the spring season, the shoe in the help of not too hot, sweet round head wearing comfortable and easy to walk, but also very young age. Square shoes fire is also a matter of recent years, although the time is not long, but it did not affect its status. Look at the show in recent years, you know how the fire it out of control.

Patent leather material, good gloss, ring decoration was temperament, comfortable inside material, soft touch, 4cm square root, soft after the package, durable deformation, can be two wear, when the slippers to wear. High-quality PU leather, easy to care, soft and durable, red and green belt buckle decoration, fashion British wind, soles increased 3.5cm smooth walking comfort is not significant short. Natural rubber soles, soft non-slip. The origin of the futuristic shoes is not clear, the legend is the Hungarian actor has a pair of tassels shovels Oxford shoes, Alden footwear company try to do similar shoes, and come up with a shoelace nike outlet store instead of tassels Decorative style. Tassel music shoes give a sense of college style, Le Fu upper decorated with tassel details, always gives a vivid and meticulous impression, but also allows you to increase the fun of dress up. The major fashion week street shooting can be seen, which tassel shoes has become the mainstream fashion.