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Want to wear big long legs, you need a pair of high heels

A pair of straight slender legs, is a lot of women dream of the treasure. But the legs of this kind of thing is very difficult to change the day after tomorrow. At this time we need a fashion must nike clearance be equipped: high heels. But the choice of high-heel is also learned in the inside, the quality style of each style must be carefully selected. Slowly treat this choice is not only for the fashion contempt, it is irresponsible of their own vulnerable ankle it! Retro trend strong struck, stylish charm people can not stop, choose light of the suede material, delicate texture, between the foot of the hair, accompanied by simple rough with the design, elegant and comfortable, beautiful colors, new style, Type, on the foot is very nice, with its simple, shape your Variety modeling, with skirts and pants are great Oh.

Personality of the toe design, clean and neat, simple yet elegant, saturating and rich temperament, fashion design comfortable inside, so that the whole pair of shoes more rich texture, followed by artificial physiology design, so that the whole pair of shoes more aesthetic and comfortable Degree, non-slip soles, wear a solid, toe and side hit color stitching, is the whole pair of shoes features, super ride, dating, shopping, work, wear out their own style. Featured high-quality suede, ultra-high with the design, the overall proportion of the long legs, so that the legs are more straight slender, shallow mouth design feet smaller and smaller, pointed with diamond and rivets, the whole moment of fashion shoes UP UP , Little woman's nike shox clearance charming and sexy ready to come out, taro powder, red, black, there is always a suitable for you.

Selection of high-quality materials, upper soft and comfortable, vamp texture clear, delicate, plump and crisp, wearing a breathable, stylish pointed design, avant-garde type, while to the toe to reserve all black nike shoes sufficient space, the design of the toe legs The lines of natural eyes, wearing more fashionable, walking more flexible and comfortable, sexy and stable heel, showing the flirtatious figure, it is Xiu legs weapon, was beautiful legs. Delicate and uniform Korea imported suede material, breathable and comfortable, high-end appearance of the atmosphere, toe shine Czech diamond drill, rich refraction surface, blooming glittering, highlight the aristocratic temperament, version of super-correct, walking is not tired feet, hollow sexy diamond Of the tall, and instantly enhance the overall temperament, the foot was white was thin.

The upper use of high-quality ultra-fibrous material, wearing soft and comfortable not grinding feet, sharp toe perfect interpretation of sexy radian, highlight temperament, non-slip soles, comfortable atmosphere, 7cm fine with, to create a perfect curve of the legs, Part of the favorite place is the side of the shoe embroidery + diamond design, so that the whole pair of shoes elegant and stylish. Shoes are very nice, the color is very liner white, but also small feet, shoes, wear more comfortable, ankle strap design, nike trainers wearing a very feminine Oh, the shoes are very good quality, pointed models are also great, Feet thin, black, apricot, dark green, classic wild and Western style of color, casually with a skirt or pants can not do the beauty of the United States.

Because Xiaobian relatively fat feet fat Oh, but wear particularly particularly thin, because the relatively shallow mouth, so do not squeeze the foot, wearing a foot is not comfortable and tired, do not want to take off the feet, white , Green, black, camel four colors, brought with the clothes too appropriate, like the MM do not hesitate Oh