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Wear more high heels, foot joints deformity? These methods, let the foot less injured!

Our impression of high heels in life is often associated with the modern girl. High heels can highlight the beauty of women's curves. Wear high heels, the body center of gravity will move forward, the upper body must be backward to maintain the balance of body posture. In this way, wearing high heels will make people look up, full, and legs look slender. High heels so loved by female friends, wearing high heels, women have become part of the beautiful streetscape. However, high heels, after all, changed the body's center of gravity, while we appreciate nike outlet online it beautiful, but also silently bear the pain it brings. In addition to easily lead to high heels ankle sprains, callus callus, pain, toes long corns, but also easily lead to foot joint deformities, the most common of which is hallux valgus, commonly known as the big bones. When the big toe appears to the direction of small toe skew, big toe medial joint prominent, and even crossed the second toe, overlap deformity, medically known as 韪?eversion. Women wearing high cheap nike sneakers heels are beautiful, but they are suffering again, can not but think it is a modern version of "footing." Is there any way to have both health and beauty? Some women are not suitable to wear high heels, such as foot and bow collapse of the patient; usually wear flat shoes, the middle of the forefoot has calluses. 2 ~ 3cm height of the heel so that foot load more reasonable, prompting people chest abdomen, looks tall and dynamic. Wear flat shoes, the body center of gravity is too far behind, walking not only when the posture is not elegant, heel smashing ground, the vibration directly to the brain. High heels make the weight of the body forward toe, easily lead to hallux valgus. Too tight shoes will crush the foot skin, so that toes, feet appear corns, calluses. However, through the loose shoes, feet in the shoes wandering shoes, shoes, not with the feet, toes will force flexor shoes, leading to muscle tendon pain fatigue. Women can prepare four pairs of shoes, two cheap nike shoes pairs of shoes (a pair of high heels, a pair of slope with); cloth shoes; sneakers. Go to work, high heels and wedges for wear; wear casual shoes; exercise wear sports shoes. Participate in more exercise activities, try not to wear high heels. For beauty, female friends can wear high heels, in order to health, as little as possible to wear high heels. One day wearing high heels, back home quickly to change shoes, must be more activity activities toes, to be a gymnastics toes. Changing shoes nike free is the most important way. Patients wearing comfortable shoes, wearing foot shoes is a conservative treatment of hallux valgus, one of the main factors that affect the success or failure. If the swelling of the medial articular has been painful, wear breech shoes to reduce compression and friction. More barefoot walk in the sand, walking consciously with the toe scratching the sand on the ground. Barefoot walking in the sand can exercise the foot muscles, enhance the sense of foot balance, and is a very good foot massage. Pebble road is not suitable for everyone, because there are many people foot sole pad is relatively thin, prone to plantar injury.