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Wear short boots, temperament can be doubled

In fact, autumn and winter, short boots are the most fashionable and durable classic choice. Like Martin boots, thick with boots, Chelsea boots are out of the street jazz weapon, any style, style, color of a single product, can be the nike factory outlet perfect digestion. So many boots, nothing more than Chelsea, Bullock, boots, ankle boots these types. And the best control is the most wild temperament, when it is Chelsea boots, socks and boots this year, even if the wind so hard, there are still big out. Last year, the year before last and the year before last are the hearts and minds of the influx of people. No way, who let it is a classic. Chelsea boots simple style generous, no extra decoration, daily play with a lot of space. Although it is the same with the Martin boots are fashionable and classic boots models, but Martin boots for the temperament and body requirements are relatively high, and Chelsea boots exquisite small, handsome at the same time with the delicate taste of oriental women Chelsea boots Although the style nikes on sale is simple , But in design it has all the different details. It is not easy to buy a Chelsea boot that suits you. Yaxuan today for everyone to explain one by one, how to choose a suitable Chelsea boots.

Black boots simple and wild, Chelsea boots with pants and dresses are effortless, handsome or sweet are free to switch. Black boots + black leggings, the easiest to wear out of long leg range children. In contrast, the same Chelsea boots, black and more simple and generous than the color, the legs are even longer. As for why the Chelsea boots + black leggings will be leggy, mainly Chelsea boots slim version will make the feet and ankles look very slender, black and black with the more able to lengthen the proportion of the lower body, thin for the fall and winter Significantly high, is a very easy way with the law. Black boots simple and wild, air max 90 but also for the autumn and winter, more easy to take care of dirty, cool black and more stylish, heavy winter dress looks lighter. Chelsea boots is the biggest feature of the boot mouth elastic design, but no obvious characteristics of the nike factory outlet toe, for the Asian girls skeleton ratio, the tip is obviously more than the round of the boots more leggy slender legs. In the selection of Chelsea boots, the right toe to keep you both handsome and the ratio. Do not be too sharp, do not completely round, it is best to go to the counter to try on, the following two pictures is the most appropriate toe.