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Wear so many years of shoes, lebron james shoes you know their feet type?

Everyone's foot type is different. Do you know what type of matter you belong to? According to the study, most of the foot type according to the length of the toes, can be divided into Egyptian feet, Greek feet, Roman foot three foot type, different foot type shoes for different, if the pick shoes, Catch up with fashion, then the good-looking shoes can also be a display. Will you choose your own shoes according to your feet? Most of the boys belong to the "Egyptian foot" foot type. This foot type of thumb is significantly longer than the other four toes, shoes must be found when the toe a little slope of the shoes in order to meet their feet, increase the degree of service and comfort. Leather shoes are comfortable comfortable leather sewing, the collision between different materials, seemingly bold and uninhibited design, in the casual shoes under the elements of the show, the full sense of fashion. Calm and correct black, very wild, in line with all occasions wearing the need.

Retro British engraved Bullock men's shoes by the senior designer effort to build; genuine protection. Slender last type can also be closer to the feet, shaping the long legs lines, showing the elegant temperament of modern gentleman. A pedal design, wear off the nike shoes convenience. Pointed Europe and popular tie Derby shoes, selected the first layer of leather 38 hand-made. Shoes with a good breathable function, anti-skid wear outsole, excellent leather and refined fashion trends, so you feel elegant and distinguished. Thick spring shoes, made of selected leather, the use of gradient processing technology, soft and delicate, comfortable to wear, distribute the natural color, highlight the fashion personality air max taste.