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What kind of shoes are you wearing when you are on an ankle?

Where do you see? Sexy style in the ankle, fear of big waist round chest flat, then let go of the exposed ankle that delicate white skin it, then someone else's line of sight will be moved to the feet, so a pair of beautiful shoes and feet is definitely extra points Item, can make your ankle more shiny. Banding elements are now intensified, it will undoubtedly ankle on this style pushed to the extreme, the slightest around the entanglement, revealing is not complicated, but delicate and charm, of course, too much bandage easily lead to a large tie Embarrassing, like this tasteless is a smart practice. Trousers, pants, skirt, wide leg pants ... ... big square show ankle way too numerous to mention, a pair of ultra-wild shoes to highlight the importance of, and do not want to use their brains to consider when the random In a variety of wear between the free switch, do not bother.

There are fresh and refreshing sneakers in the whole body is full of vitality, as a whole into a lot of refined gas children, spring bright weather, even wear the bottom of the shoes to abandon all the dark colors, but also To add a touch of red to cope with the scene. Filled with youth memory canvas shoes by age effect of the lever, because it is to show our ankle part of the skin, may wish to use a little more saturated color against the background, which with the jacket to set off the face color is a reason, Also exudes the trend of breath. Spring and summer handover, thick single shoes with trousers just, British gas pressing, shoes, small and exquisite tassels as embellishment, weakened the original partial tough lines, enhance the romantic style, thick some soles easily bring Comfortable feeling, for the care of his feet played a small role.

You can also try to try the unusual personality pattern, since cheap nike running shoes the focus on the feet, why not enlarge the focus several times, out of an unusual line, the visual surprise is impressive, the whole pair of shoes is capitalist unrestrained Uninhibited, free and easy. What time are you wearing when you are on an ankle? In fact, there are many suitable shoes, just choose more eyes on the spent, this time you have to issue a small black shoes SOS distress signal, simple, classic, want to keep the image of the fashion error, it is so simple.