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What section of the sandals look good legs Lets come look

Officially entered the summer, shorts skirt is already daily, and the streets of the fashionable fine who is already wearing a variety of beautiful sandals out Akira! Beauty of the girls are not buying or buying is to buy buy on the road; that if you want to buy sandals, before that, may wish to first look at the trend of this nike air max women year's sandals, take a look at what fashionable models we can choose. High-heeled shoes elegant, and do not have to bear the high heels on the foot of the torture, light and smart cat with sandals is now one nike trainers of the most grab the first of the shoes. The combination of the cat and the sandals, slightly revealing the heel is elegant, temperament, and this year's hot irregular leaf side skirt with, lazy and sultry ~ with ribbon winding, sexy index soaring, perfect modification of the foot type, show sexy elegant charm , Easy to control commuting, party, word nike clearance with ankle buckle with metal buckle design, insoles shiny, low-key reveals a good flavor!

Fine belt tied to the feet bare place, and will not pressure high, this year's sandals there are many small details surprising, such as shoes on the bow, who wear who is a small fairy, do not accept refute! Modern system of craft and ergonomic design, built-in smart pad pad cushion technology, effective dispersion of the force point, lace-type sandals, simple and large way, summer wild must! This year's sandals belt, there have been very fine style, small and clever things always make people feel particularly delicate Whether it is on the instep or bare feet on the tape, have this thin belt design, very suitable for with the thin summer Elegant sense of full ~ light soft soles, to the modern women comfortable travel experience! National wind woven strip, exudes a deep natural flavor! From the oil painting to draw color, showing nike sneakers a gorgeous splicing effect! Muller sandals with the freedom, wearing half of the half of the Mueller sandals will not cause too much burden on the feet, even if a long time to walk is not a problem.