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What shoes do girls wear look good?

There are endless stories about women and beauty shoes. They started stealing their mother's high heels from childhood. There is nothing in this world that cannot be solved by a pair of shoes. If there is, it will be two pairs. So it can be seen how deep a woman's nike shoes for sale love for nike free 5.0 shoes is. So what kind of shoes for the feet are thin and long, wearing high side shoes will be empty on both sides, but because of the length of the feet must wear so large shoes. So what are the best things to wear for women with long, thin legs?

Strappy sandals

Summertime, long and thin girls, the first pair of beauty shoes should be strappy sandals, and not to mention how the fire is now tied with elements, tops, dresses, and even bags everywhere, just strappy sandals The beauty of the outline of the foot is enough to make it look like a summer. Lacing shoes have been on fire since the beginning of last year. This year, it has become the shoes of the influx of people who will lose. As fashionistas, how can you miss this trend?

It is difficult to control the strap shoes and the requirements for the legs are lebron 14 relatively high. It is simply tailor-made for the long and thin legs. However, when choosing a strappy sandal, girls with long legs should avoid the pointed style and try to choose open-toed strap sandals. Simple but generous yet feminine, but also not so hard to control.

Simple and elegant sandals, strap design, simple and tiring. Unique sense of design, but the best sandals with a light upper body Oh.

Round high heels

Girls with long legs wear high heels are the best, so nike outlet that they can look short, and round high heels better. This pair of high-heeled pumps with Mary Jane's round head not only looks small but also very cute.