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Winter morning run, how can a pair of comfortable wild sneakers!

Running is now known as the "square dance" of young people. More and more young people are beginning to like running simple and effective fitness methods, even for a few years. Now in winter, sunshine time is shorter, so the morning run is more welcomed by everyone in the morning running exercise can not only enhance physical fitness, improve immunity but also good to improve their mental state in the morning Oh, you can love fitness Of people will not miss is the morning run friends ~ say the benefits of morning jogging, that is too much, flesh first thought is that if you insist on jogging, the evening must be to go to bed early, so invisible Regulate the work schedule, early sleep for the night owl is now often do us nikes on sale very good nike clearance ~ at the same time, one day in the morning the air is relatively fresh, run for a few moments, will make people full of emotions, but also make the body function of various organs to A high level, and can improve the metabolic rate of the day, is not very good!

Morning jog as a more intense type of exercise, we need to nike sale keep running our feet this action, a pair of comfortable and comfortable to wear shoes is very important, not only can effectively protect our feet, but also for running for us Exercise plays a very good supporting role, long-term running people must know how good a good sport shoes is how the key ~ their shoes are relatively light, wear very clear and very comfortable, this also particularly equipped with a light Volume in the end, you can effectively lightweight shock absorbers, this is the design can be said to be very intimate, and obviously feel damping effect in running sports is very good! Cow split leather material is very wear-resistant, whether it is sports or going out to play are very durable and also very wild, it is highly recommended NB sneakers for everyone to Oh oh ~ morning run place selection requires our attention, it is best to choose the park Or playground open space, fresh air environment can double the morning run efficiency, in the early morning to the human body a very high concentration of supply, improve the oxygen content of the brain, promote metabolism and can enhance the body's internal organs, improve heart and lung function ~ Winter morning run different from the summer nike running shoes must pay attention to keep warm, when we exercise out of a lot of sweat, sweat if not enough because of the heat will quickly take away the body temperature, affecting our blood circulation. When running, the warmth of the feet is more important. Running shoes is very suitable for winter morning run to wear, artificial leather design warmth is very good, the soles are also very soft, very fit the soles, as a running shoe is very functional, relatively large friction to the skid effect is to force, We can effectively prevent injuries during exercise.