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Winter will buy three pairs of shoes, I have cheap nikes to help you pick up!

The weather is getting cold, a lot of centipede fine character of the girls should have long been hoarding winter shoes, right? United States sister today also specifically for everyone to select several winter "war shoes", so that they help you take the streets back to the rate of it! If you wear the summer you will feel boring, then it is now the golden age of new nike shoes sports shoes! A large overs oversated sweater with a long skirt, cold can be set in the skirt sets of cashmere stockings or leggings, coupled with a pair of sports shoes on the ultra-US it! Winter is the world of plush shoes, soft and beautiful plush shoes can not only highlight the lovely little girl sweet, more able to give your feet gentle and delicate care, but also easy to brighten the whole shape! But this kind of Lok Fu wool shoes are really rotten street, ah, in fact, there are many relatively small but the design of the great shoes, like this pair of ultra-girl's plush rabbit shoes, wear convenient, furry It is very warm, the most important thing is the appearance nike air max of too Meng ah! High heels fanatical powder who can also choose this plush high heels, elegant solid color with a luxurious plush decoration, winter wear more appropriate! Fashionable, good ride and warm, this is the ideal lazy fashion winter winter shoes, kobe shoes and Chelsea boots is such an ideal winter "boots"!

The most classic nature is this black base section, although it seems simple, but it is a small expert, but also on the foot full of high sense! A little retro style of the fight is very suitable for street girls, with nine points jeans look very handsome fashion, especially the small thick legs of the girls, usually wear boots easy to make legs look thick circle, but like this with nine points Pants will not, but let the whole look more generous. Windbreaker with Chelsea boots with handsome appearance, like the southern side of the country almost with a short skirt + windbreaker just right, the north of the cold children's shoes recommended with a pencil pants or leggings Oh, do not worry about fat, in the coat of the wind coat you not only Not fat, but it will look full gas field Oh!