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You need to know how to keep your shoes

Look at a person's taste only need to look at her shoes on the line, a delicate person will never allow their shoes dirty. These cleaning techniques allow you to wear new shoes every day! First with a dry towel to clean the shoes on the water and dust, and then with the shoes with the same color of the shoe or shoe polish. In addition, the banana peel can remove the oil on the shoe, drink the left milk or expired milk shoes to prevent the skin dry. Artificial leather shoes clean up relatively simple, as long as the wet cloth with a dry cloth immediately after the dry cloth can be wiped with water, avoid long-term use of shoes to protect the oil to wipe the upper, will lead to small cracks in the upper leather. Patent leather and PU leather shoes with a soft dry cloth gently wipe that can avoid scratches left. PU leather shoes can also be used to solve the oil, in the stains drop on the drop of 1, 2 drops of essential oil, and then wipe with a paper towel can be. Suede shoes wearing comfortable, looking at the texture, loved by the people. But it is easy to dirty, it is a headache ~

The first step: take the soft brush gently brush off the surface of the dust, brush when to go to the side of the brush, avoid repeated back and forth brush the second step: If the shoes have stains, the sponge soaked, wring dry water, dipped A little special detergent, gently wipe the stains of the place, stained with stains after the best timely treatment. After cleaning up, put it in a ventilated place so that it can naturally dry. The third step: want to let the shoes a new look, to be dry, you can put suede air max 90 cleaning care spray evenly sprayed on the upper. Mesh shoes can be wiped with water or detergent from the old toothbrush. Such as mesh is in the front of the shoe, it should be from the upper to the direction of the toe brush, so dirty things will not remain on the shoes friends. After wiping, place your home in a cool, ventilated place. Canvas shoes and shoes if only the surface or the shoe is not clean, you can use a damp cloth or toothpaste with old toothbrush brush, and finally clean with a damp cloth. The first step: remove the shoelaces, the shoes completely soaked in water for 5 minutes, you can also add some white vinegar in the water. The second step: in the upper, the upper hit the net soap, with a brush gently scrub. Remember not to use detergent! The third step: If the shoes are yellow, with a rag stained with lemon juice and glutinous rice water scrub. Step 4: After the water is placed in the shade to dry, remember to use the toilet paper to completely wrap up the shoes to prevent the small nike outlet store white shoes to wash the shoes, to shoelaces and insoles out. With a toothbrush dipped in soap, gently scrub the upper, shoes and tongue, and finally clean the shoes with water, you can dry. Temporarily do not wear shoes, should be clean and nike shox clearance completely dry and then into the shoe box, and in the box into the desiccant to prevent mildew. Cherish your shoes, increase its beauty, to extend its life, nike air max sale in fact, it is disguised to save money ~